Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Industrial Oven

Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Industrial Oven

Anas Bouargane 29/11/2020 7
Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Industrial Oven

If you own a bakery or a restaurant, you’re probably familiar with how tricky choosing the right industrial oven can be.

Such businesses need reliable ovens that can serve meals in a short time and can feed many people at the same time. For these reasons, the size and durability of an industrial oven are very important and need to be considered before choosing the right one. 

Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Industrial Oven

Besides that, a lot of other factors play an important role in making the perfect oven. Luckily, there are many brands and types of industrial ovens that seem to fit the requirements, but choosing your oven is not as simple as picking the highest quality brand. In this article, we outline the basic factors you need to consider before buying your industrial oven to make sure you have the best quality needed for such businesses. 

The Oven Size

The size and available space are very important and should be considered before making any decisions. To determine this factor you need to ask yourself these questions; how many people do you serve regularly? How much food is going to be put in the oven? And what kind of food do you use these ovens for? Depending on your needs, you should find out the specific size and space requirements that you will need. Many ovens look big externally but provide less space on the inside, which is not going to allow you to use it for large trays or different amounts of food. This is why it’s crucial to check the inside of the oven and know all about its specifications before you make that purchase.

Reliability and Functionality

Working in a commercial kitchen can be a lot sometimes. A lot of things happening at once and everyone rushing their tasks to get the meals ready in time for serving. This makes these places look for ovens that are fast and easy to use. They need something that won’t slow them down while preparing the ordered food. Reliability is also as important. If you check with any famous restaurant for their manufacturer of industrial ovens, they will tell you about how they choose durable and reliable brands only. Durability means you need to have an oven that won’t break or stop working for no reason in the middle of a busy day. This will cost you money and reputation, and nobody wants that. Aim to get references and recommendations from businesses similar to yours about the brands they trust for commercial ovens to make sure you get something that will last you long and tolerate the work pressure. 

Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Industrial Oven

The Oven Heat Source

Different ovens have different heating systems, for example, there are electrically heated industrial ovens and gas-fired industrial ovens. Electric ones are more commonly found in big businesses considering they are fast in heating food up and require less maintenance than most other types. They are also durable and last for a long time and require low initial costs. Gas-fired commercial ovens, on the other hand, take more time in food preparation and help in keeping running costs at a low rate. If you are okay with lower heat adjustments and higher expenses for the initial cost, then a gas-fired oven will be a good choice for you.

Temperature Adjustment

Another very important factor for choosing the right oven for your project is how you get to change the temperature considerations. You need to know what are the maximum and minimum heat or temperature requirements you need before deciding on which oven to get. You also need to consider an oven that can cool the food put in it when needed in addition to heating it up. 

Aim to find a high-quality industrial oven that gives you the smallest range between its minimum and maximum temperatures, this way you know your oven is ready for flexible adjustments. Additionally, look for ones that give you the absolute minimum and maximum temperature changes needed for your type of food preparation, this means that you need to decide on this based on the type of work you do with your project. 

When buying your commercial oven, find out as much as you can about its material and specifications to determine how good its performance is. Some materials can affect your oven’s airflow and some can increase its durability, find the ones that can last you the longest. You might also want to ask for recommendations from people working in the same business to narrow your choices and find the most common brands that are known for high-quality ovens. The best way of finding the right product is to ask those who use it about their experience.

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  • Jack Napier

    I look at speed and durability while buying a new oven

  • Daniel Prince

    Personally I focus on price and brand name !

  • Craig Harrison

    I ask my mother for some tips to find out the adequate oven fit.

  • Neil Hordle

    Good tips cheers

  • Jamie Davies

    Do you recommend buying an oven online or in-store?

  • Matt Goulder

    In reply to: Jamie Davies

    In-store !!

  • Kumar Mohit


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