Giving Up Is Never An Option In Life

Giving Up Is Never An Option In Life

Rayson Choo 24/06/2022
Giving Up Is Never An Option In Life

Life has its ups and downs, like a roller coaster ride.

It’ll never be fun if it’s always on the downside or if it just keeps moving slowly. Sometimes we love it fast especially when it’s going down and then it slows down for a while before it goes up and fast again.

Life’s just like this. When we reach success, sometimes you’ll reach a plateau and remain there for a while or you might even hit rock bottom before you can push yourself up and reach your goal again.

Nothing is easy in life. Giving birth is tough. Pushing the baby out will be very tough and painful. Earning that 1st Million dollars will be tough. You’ll face countless rejections, obstacles, naysayers, and whatnot. So what should you do then?

You’ve got to have a vision. A vision of what you truly want. A vision is about what you’re going to create. A vision that really works and that excites you. It has to have the power to pull you from your bed every morning that you’ll want to go and accomplish it.


Next, change. Well, as we all know, life is about change. Sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's beautiful. But most of the time, it's both.

Although change is inevitable, transformation requires a conscious decision. While you do not always have control over how or when the changes will occur in your life, you can choose how you are in relation to those changes.

When you step towards rather than ignore, fight or resist change, you reclaim your personal freedom. You step onto a path of transformation and move from being a victim to being a co-creator with change.

Don't let other people bring you back to level 1 because they are not used to your change. Keep improving even if it's 1% at a time. Life is too short for us to put our attention to the things that are out of our control. Focus on the things that you can control such as your diet, the books you read, your choice of friends, etc. No matter what, just keep growing and outshine the old you.

When it hurts, just keep fighting as if your life depended on it. Keep moving forward. No matter what it takes, keep moving forward. You must have faith. Take massive actions. Prove to yourself and the rest of the world that you can do it! Remember, it will never rain forever. After the rain, the dark clouds will pass and they’ll shine again.

To all my readers, do not give up because you’ll never know what will happen if you stay on and keep going towards your goal. You are just one step or a few steps away from it. If you give up, you’ll definitely regret what you could have gotten or achieved. Stay on and stay strong. Preserve and persist till you get the results you want. Trust me, it’s painful but hey it’s definitely worth it.


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Rayson Choo

Transformation Catalyst Expert

I am a Transformation Catalyst. What I do is I pick the brains of the best entrepreneurs you have in this world such as Gary Vee, Grant Cardone and etc to find out from them what are some of the simple and effective steps that millennials like myself can take to experience success in the swiftest and most effective way possible.I do that through podcasting. The millennials who have listened to the podcast have experienced personal transformation because they have gotten the tips they need to move forward. 


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