“Hiding in Plain Sight”—Air Force Whistleblower Suggests US has UFO Retrieval Program

“Hiding in Plain Sight”—Air Force Whistleblower Suggests US has UFO Retrieval Program

“Hiding in Plain Sight”—Air Force Whistleblower Suggests US has UFO Retrieval Program

Breaking News: Air Force veteran David Grusch says a top-secret program of the US Government has found "wreckage of fully intact UFOs."

Grusch alleges the U.S. government has recovered non-human craft for decades and he recently filed a whistle-blower complaint, stating he gave what he referred to as classified “proof” to Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

While he can’t reveal the evidence for national security reasons, he was on an UAP taskforce, claiming that the taskforce was refused access to a broad crash retrieval program. He states that “plenty of senior intelligence officers” have confided in him that “there has been evidence of spacecraft of non-human origin that have landed or crashed.”


If this is the truth, then we the public have been lied to for decades, and Grusch adds, “Yes, there’s been a sophisticated disinformation program targeting the US populus…(there is evidence) WE ARE NOT ALONE.”

In the attached video, Grusch adamantly says, “This is not a lie and I am sitting here at great personal and professional risk.”

I spoke with filmmaker/UFOlogist Stephen Zoller about this recent “whistleblower” revelation, and about the possible “Big Reveal” that is coming:

“Earlier in the year, the much heralded James Webb telescope sent back images of the early universe as it was 13 billion years or so ago—a period before the formation of galaxies. It was meant to prove positive Einstein’s revolutionary Big Bang theory. Only it didn’t. There were scores of galaxies visible where they shouldn’t be. The news sent shock waves through the scientific community and has dealt a “big blow” to our sense of reality.

“Now, a mere six months later, a second tsunami has hit us and it comes in the way of this UAP taskforce whistleblower, David  Grusch, a former military intelligence officer who felt it was time that someone revealed the truth—that the government despite decades of denial has in possession intact extraterrestrial craft and a significant number of alien bodies on ice. Pretty incendiary stuff. 

“Whether you believe Grusch or not, the revelations about UFOs and the Pentagon’s knowledge of them is almost a daily occurrence. I along with my collaborator, award-winning journalist Ashley Jude Collie,  have conducted a series of interviews over the past few years addressing the deep state conspiracy that seems to be shared by military organizations around the world. But as the video and photo evidence has piled up, we both felt that sooner or later a Big Reveal was coming our way, only we have no idea when.  Well, we both now agree that we are knocking on that door.


“It has motivated us to reboot our UFO blog (“Hiding in Plain Sight”) and focus on the socio-political-religious ramifications to the 8 billion inhabitants of this planet once the Big Reveal is made. PS A second military whistleblower has come forward and confirms Grusch’s story.”


Again, please check out the UFO flyby taken from a private plane. And, also refer to other UFO interviews/stories posted on BBN Times by author Ashley Jude Collie and filmmaker/UFOlogist Stephen Zoller.


UFOlogist Zoller Reports that Israel’s Professor Eshed says Alien Contact has been Made” — “UFOs Watching as the Earth Stands Still” — “UFOs & Close Encounters of the Real Kind” —“Filmmaker says Truth about UFOs is not about Little Green Men but is Hiding in Plain Sight

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  • Nigel P

    This recent revelation by Air Force veteran David Grusch regarding a top-secret program and the alleged recovery of fully intact UFO wreckage is undoubtedly intriguing. It raises profound questions about what the US government may have known and kept hidden from the public for decades.

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Nigel P

    Thanks for commenting, Nigel. The truth may have been hiding in plain sight. Stay tuned for revelations about Mars.

  • Paul Lawrence

    It is crucial to approach these claims with a healthy dose of skepticism until concrete evidence is presented. Whistleblower testimonies alone may not be sufficient to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial craft. However, this is a significant development that demands thorough investigation.

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Paul Lawrence

    All true, Paul, but did you see the video taken from a private plane of the UAP? With the increasing whistleblower revelations, maybe there's some controlled disclosure going on, what do you think?

  • Stephen Zoller

    In reply to: Paul Lawrence

    Paul - with you on not jumping to conclusions but the rising tide of credible whistleblowers makes me think that some sort of head-spinning disclosure is about to drop. I already touched on what it possibly could be in an earlier post and soon to be elaborated on so stay tuned. Scary heady times, yes, but also a privilege to be able to witness what promises to be the game changer of game changers for humanity.

  • Charlie Jewitt

    James Webb telescope's discovery of unexpected galaxies in the early universe is a fascinating development, but connecting it directly to the UFO revelations may be premature. It is essential to evaluate each finding independently and consider the evidence objectively.

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Charlie Jewitt

    But of course, but think of a billion solar systems, beyond just ours, and wonder, Are we the only ones? Thanks.

  • Daniel Jeffries

    I knew it.... We are not alone.....

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Daniel Jeffries

    Daniel, it would be pretty ego-centric of us to think we are the only ones, no?

  • Daniel Jeffries

    In reply to: Ashley Collie

    We are not the only ones in this universe.....

  • Mark L

    The mounting video and photo evidence of UFO sightings, along with accounts from credible witnesses, continue to fuel public interest and speculation. It is crucial for researchers, scientists, and government agencies to investigate these incidents rigorously and transparently.

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Mark L

    Mark, it is in the special interests of special interests and corporations and governments to control the narrative, and to be able to profit from any revelations, no?

  • Toni Spinelli

    If there is indeed a significant "Big Reveal" on the horizon, as suggested by filmmaker Stephen Zoller, it would undoubtedly have profound socio-political and religious implications for our world. It would reshape our understanding of our place in the universe and challenge long-held beliefs.

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Toni Spinelli

    Toni, so true about the profound implications, like on our concept of God and on religion. Wow, eh?! PS I do sense our human race needs a reboot!

  • James Mason

    The topic of UFOs has long been mired in controversy and subjected to various conspiracy theories. I still believe in science but damn this is worrying. Why is the government hiding the truth from the public?

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: James Mason

    Why? The powers that be would want to control the narrative, whatever that may be. But something is afoot! And it may be staring right at us!

  • Oliver Ricardo

    Governments around the world should take these claims seriously and conduct thorough investigations to either confirm or debunk the existence of extraterrestrial craft. Transparency and open dialogue with the public are crucial in addressing the concerns and questions that arise from such revelations.

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Oliver Ricardo

    Oliver, there are suggestions that Governments all over the Globe have known of this for decades. That the truth has always been out there. What's your take?

  • Tom Gorman

    We are not sure if aliens are good or bad. It is rather wonderful that most UFO intended no harm.

  • Stephen Zoller

    In reply to: Tom Gorman

    You know Tom, I've always felt that if the occupants of UFOs wanted to claim Earth as their own, the hyper advanced tech they possess could accomplish it in a heartbeat. Having said that I think we should be cautious about predicting their intentions. Several of the most famous contact cases weren't all that friendly. ie Betty & Barney Hill 1961 and Travis Walton 1974. And these were the days that animal mutilations were a common occurrence. But then, for some obscure reason, the bad optics incidents for the most part ceased. If you're interested in learning how that came about check out the link to the "Professor Eshed Says Alien Contact has been made" article and prepare to have your jaw drop. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  • Tom Gorman

    We are getting more advanced every year. The truth is getting closer. Some people would not believe extraterrestrial beings exist even if they saw one. Our world is small but so are our minds. So glad this story came to light.

  • Ashley Collie

    In reply to: Tom Gorman

    Well said, Tom, we have been thinking so narrowly. Something big this way comes. What do you feel?

  • Colin Heath

    U.S.A.F. certainly took the Rendelsham Forest (aka UK's Roswell) incident extremely seriously. I was working for the UK Government at the time. Our role was to provide engineering support for planning and deployment of aircraft shelters, bomb stores etc for the bases they occupied in the UK. The incident happened (conveniently for sceptics) over Christmas & New Year holiday shutdown. On returning to work, everyone had an envelope on their desk containing a phone number, a set statement to be read out, but nothing else plus a phone number to be given if anyone from the press phoned. Also , a fresh copy of the official secrets act to be signed even though we'd all signed on original hiring date. At the time we were given no information as to why we were required to do this, but it was stressed that saying or doing anything other than instructed could result in instant dismissal. It was years later that the incident was first openly publicised in newspapers and on TV. It's been featured in many TV series too. Do I believe? The best I can say is I don't disbelieve and clearly neither do the US Government and Air firce.

  • ashley collie

    In reply to: Colin Heath

    Wow, that is an amazing story, Colin. I didn't know about this, are there links on any stories or updates? I appreciate what you said about not "disbelieving" which is my stance. Thanks for commenting, we must catch up. Cheers/Ash

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