Anuja Lath Digital Marketing Expert

Anuja is the Co-founder and CEO of RedAlkemi Online Pvt. Ltd., a digital marketing agency helping clients with their end to end online presence. Anuja has 30 years of work experience as a successful entrepreneur and has co-founded several ventures since 1986. She and her team are passionate about helping SMEs achieve measurable online success for their business. Anuja holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising from the Government College of Fine Arts, Chandigarh, India.



How to Generate the Perfect Brand Colour Palette

Every colour has a meaning triggering a special emotional response. This also holds true for brands that are able to reflect their persona by the choice of colours they have used in their branding. Think about how brands that have fair use of red as their primary colour are often in the business of delivering fun and happiness, for instance, Coke, Hamleys, etc. Likewise, most brands associated with money or finance make use of blue, like SBI, Barclays, Bank of America, Citibank, etc. This isn’t and cannot be a mere coincidence that every one that is serving the same industrial segment tends to like the same colour. One inference can definitely be drawn that branding and colour schemes have a deep connection.


Remarketing on Google: What is it?

It is a common occurrence that a majority of the people who visit a particular website bounce back in seconds. In fact, statistics have shown that only less than a percent of people who visit your website actually result in making a transaction. If you think it is hard to get people to your website for the first time, it is harder the next time as they already know what they will be served with largely. But the best part of the story is that it is not impossible and there are ways to get back your lost traffic.


Importance of Negative Space in Design

Imagine you are looking at a web-page which only has a logo in the center of the page surrounded by nothing. Yes absolutely nothing around it and yet it is highly effective. What do you feel is the most prominent feature of such pages? If you think it is the logo, think harder? Logos can be found everywhere, and if it were just the logo why would the designer not keep other elements on the tray? Whitespace! Yes, now you are talking business. The whitespace or what is better known as the negative space has emerged as an essential element of design.“Whitespace is to be regarded as an active element, not a passive background” - Jan Tschichold


Importance of Email Marketing for your Business

Ever since 1978 when the first marketing email was sent, it still remains one of the most potent marketing tools for businesses. This is not hard to imagine as email is the first thing everyone refers to in the morning. Contrary to the growing beliefs that email marketing is dead and is mostly thrown into spam, the importance of email marketing continues to grow at a steady pace. It may not be seen as attractive and a quick mode like other channels but has been able to build a connection with the audience which values your brand and is highly likely will prefer it over other brands. The real value of email marketing lies in the fact that it is used for building relationships with your loyal customers and give them valuable insights that will be helpful to them in their business endeavors.


Essence of Minimalist Website Designs

Less is more. Now, this has also been extended to web design. Minimalism is basically the art of using minimum elements to create maximum effect. Designers are constantly experimenting with different transitions, compositions and colors to implement minimalism in design. The underlying idea is to focus on simplification of user tasks. The designs may seem simple but what lies beneath is much more than minimal. Simple means effective, not easy as there are only a few elements on the designer’s tray and the task is to produce a greater effect. But it is bold and needs skills and expertise. Minimalism can thus be defined as the art of making use of only the essential elements. But why will you this?