Arjun Rajagopalan Science Guru

Arjun has spent four decades as a surgeon, educator and medical administrator. Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Canada and Member, Association of Surgeons of India, he has been associated with Sundaram Medical Foundation as the Medical Director since its inception and opening to the public in 1994. He did his residency training in General Surgery from the Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, Illinois. After a 22-year stint as Trustee, Medical Director and Head, Department of Surgery at Sundaram Medical Foundation, he handed over the reins of the hospital but continues to provide advice and insights as Advisor and Trustee. Following his retirement from active practice, he has now embarked on a wider mission of forming a community of people, from all spheres of activity, who are interested in these three areas: thinking, teaching and talking. 


Shutting Down Your Smartphone will Improve your Thinking Ability

Before we get to the video at the end of the page, a preamble: There are very few technologies which have changed the ability to bring out human potential in a historic fashion; the printing press, the steam engine, the Internet are some examples.


iGen: The Super Connected Generation

The past century has been arbitrarily segmented into age groups based on the year of birth of a person. The illustration shown below outlines this division and lists the names given to each generation.


Handling your "to do" list with a 100 year old technique

There are a number of strategies for getting things done. "To do lists" are the most popular.  In 1918, a highly respected productivity consultant named Ivy Lee described a method to increase efficiency and get things done. This 100 year old, step-wise method when done repeatedly, has been shown to produce large improvements in efficiency.


How to Moderate Comments?

User-submitted comments in websites are frequently ill-tempered, intolerant, misogynistic, or utterly ill-informed. As a result, a number of media enterprises have chosen to get rid of comment components entirely. Some other sites have started intensively regulating what users submit as well as restricting when they may do so.


The Most Important Graph in the World

The conundrum between consuming more resources to alleviate dire poverty and the need to stop growth to save the planet, is going to need all our combined wisdom and efforts. This article from Reason outlines the issues at stake.