Chhavi Firani Tech Expert

Chhavi is the Founder and Partner at Dikonia. She is passionate about delivering beyond expectations and crafting rewarding experiences.  Her company provides innovative IT solutions including custom SaaS offerings that streamline workflow as well as development and design services in keeping with latest buying and market trends. Chhavi holds a Master of Computer Applications from Punjabi University.


Top 3 IT outsourcing trends to watch in 2018

Outsourcing helps organisations meet internal talent gaps and business needs in a cost effective way. As Tech Republic states, about 31% of IT jobs were outsourced in 2017 and the same trend is only expected to grow in 2018.


How to Make a Web App for your Business on your Own?

Won’t it be cool if you could assign work to your employees via an automated message from your browser? Or if you could extract data from an Excel sheet with a single click?


Top 5 Low Code App Development Platforms to Try out

You could make apps with just a single line or let’s say no line of code thanks to Low Code, which is making its way into the professional development environment and business use cases alike. It’s faster, saves effort and provides flexibility. Look at the code below:


Top 5 Admin Dashboard Design Trends

The admin panel is the backbone of every sophisticated management system, may it be a CMS, an HRM or a CRM, there is one for every deal. Being a professional and experienced web design company, we have seen more admin panels than anything else in our span of operation. Admin panel not only helps organise things at one place, it also provides a great control over several things at once.


The Building Blocks of Successful Project Management

I’ve been successfully managing projects since past 15 years with little to no formal training in the same; a fact that I often use to inspire entrepreneurs-in-the-making.