5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Anuja Lath 08/04/2021 6
5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

The advent of digital marketing has opened the gates for various new business marketing strategies.


The most effective of them have been video marketing. Small businesses have greatly benefited from video marketing, thanks to its broader reach. 

According to Wyzowl, 87% of marketers claim that videos have increased traffic to their website. This presents them the opportunity to convert more leads and build a loyal consumer base for their brand. 

Here are five key benefits of video marketing: 

1. Generating Leads and Getting More Visitors 

Digital marketing is a part of everyone’s arsenal now. But there are levels to digital marketing, and a business can opt-in or opt-out of particular digital marketing practices. When you opt-in for video marketing, you separate and elevate your business from the existing competition. 

report from Cisco informs that videos would make 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. It’s high time to devise marketing videos for your small business to have credible existence in the coming years.  

2. Improving Brand Awareness 

Be it product explainers, brand story videos, or Q&A sessions – video content reaches your audience quicker than expected. It’s because videos are shared across various media channels, and many go viral in no time. 

As per HubSpot, more than 55% of internet users watch and share online videos every day. You can integrate your business marketing ideas with video marketing to create impactful videos that improve brand awareness and credibility. 

Embedded videos on landing pages also deliver productive outcomes. They increase the user’s on-page time and educate them about your brand’s vision and offerings through interactive visuals. 

3. Building Trust & Engagement

Trust is the defining aspect that takes your small business to new heights. Videos help you to communicate the emotions effectively. You can shoot interviews, BTS (behind the scene) videos, customer testimonials, etc., to show your passion for the work and loyalty towards your audience. 

A study done by IIDE informs that around 57% of consumers feel confident to make an online purchase after watching an associated video. If they find the brand’s video trustable, their purchase intent increases by a whopping 97%.

Strategize the video marketing campaign for your small business to form an emotional bond with your audience and entrust them with your flawless services.

4. Adding A Human Touch 

Any form of content that lacks a human touch underperforms. It’s because people like to interact with people and not bare heaps of text and computerized bots. With videos, adding a human touch to all your content is a cakewalk.

For the same reason, 54% of people voted for video content as their preferred choice over other content forms (emails, blogs, etc.) in HubSpot’s survey. Human touch gives your brand a personality that improves social engagement, trust, and brand voice. 

You can record explainer guides and brand story videos that have you and your teammates. Interactive videos with your voice and real-life examples also add the human element to your videos. 

5. Increasing Sales and Conversions 

Not only does video marketing increase the sales numbers, but it also does the same at a higher ROI. Video content creation doesn’t require hefty investments, and one quality video can serve you loads of passive income too. 

A report by Wyzowl suggests that video marketing increases direct sales and 80% of marketers agree with the statement. The increase in sales and conversions is a collective result of all other benefits that video marketing offers. 

Include effective call-to-actions (CTAs) in your videos without compromising with content quality to impress the users and convert them into customers. 


Video marketing is modern, ROI-oriented, highly beneficial for small businesses and various video marketing statistics are a testimonial to the claim. 

Video marketing establishes your business as a unique entity in the marketplace and helps improve your brand’s awareness. 

Interactive and informative videos entrust the audience, and they readily convert from leads to customers. The same also happens because video marketing personalizes your brand and adds a human touch to it. 

What’s the biggest benefit of video marketing in your eyes? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Kyle Ellison

    I am in love with videos, I spend one hour in the evening watching them on Instagram. Brands know that videos are captivating and effective. I often make a purchase after watching 2 or 3 videos from the same brand. I don't know how Instagram knows my preferences.

  • Antony Whyler

    Video marketing has revolutionised digital marketing.

  • Gary Cooney

    In my opinion, videos are better than pictures or simple blogs because they are memorable.

  • Ryan Jones

    Thanks for the info

  • Mac Lamberth

    Good read

  • Michael Quinn

    Excellent article

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