7 Tips of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

7 Tips of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

7 Tips of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

While you’ve been looking out for the latest happenings with the NBA trade talks the past few days, I have come across a lot — and I mean A LOT — of amazing articles about the digital marketing scene.

If you’re looking for ninja-level social media marketing strategies that will grow your business sky high, then you need to grab your espresso right now, and put your readin’ glasses on — you’re gonna love this week’s roundup.

Hold Tour Horses!

Before I share these epic social media marketing strategies with you, however, I want to tell you that I welcome your contributions.

If there are articles that you feel should be added to this list, please add them in the comments section below with a brief description of what makes the article awesome.


Now that we have that squared away, let’s get right to the roundup.

Drum roll please…

1. How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

Nope. Getting high-volume web traffic doesn’t always mean that you need to rank in the search results.

It’d be great if you ranked, of course, but there are several methods that you can use to get bajillions of website visitors without using the search engines.

If you’re sick and tired of running the SEO race, and you’re looking for possible alternative methods that you can use to generate traffic, then Neil Patel’s blog post is what you need.

As usual, Neil goes in-depth with his guide, sharing several tips on how marketers and business owners can generate traffic without SEO.

2. Facebook Ads: Creative Ways to Attract Prospects and Customers

In this post, Michael Stelzner, the Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, interviewed Zach Spuckler, the host of the Heart, Soul & Hustle podcast.

Michael and Zach covered several important points that people who are using Facebook as their marketing platform should be aware of, including:

  • Zach’s lead-building framework
  • Transparency
  • Ad metrics
  • Facebook ad mistakes

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of how to use FB to grow your leads, then you need to read out his post.

3. Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps

Regardless of how long you’ve been in the social media scene, you probably can’t help but overcomplicate or oversimplify your social media marketing strategies.

Doing either or both can be harmful to your business, of course.

That is why it pays to have a guiding compass of some sort that you can peg your social media marketing strategies on to make sure that your process and sales funnels are A-OK.

The 8 steps that Jay Baer shared in this post are a great reference point for just that.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how your social media marketing campaign is currently running, or you feel like you’re oversimplifying things, then you can check out Jay’s post now.

4. How to Use SEO Data in Your Social Media Strategy

SEO can do wonders for your business; and so can social media marketing.

That is why when you put both marketing tools of mass destruction together, you can come up with a marketing arsenal that can give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Well, this post published by Jordan Kasteler can help you with just that — integrating your SEO efforts with your social media marketing strategy, I mean.

Some of the things that Jordan covered are keyword research, competitor insights, trends, and predictions.

5. How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch

While there are several, “X Marketing Strategies From Scratch,” guides on the internet, not many come even close to comparing with the kind of guide that Kevan created.

His guide is so in-depth that it covers finding your marketing tone and voice, image sizes for your various social media profiles, posting strategies, and how to automate your process (among other things).

If you’re oblivious about how social media marketing works, and you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to establish your social media presence the right way, then Kevan’s guide is what you need.

6. 13 Tips for Building a Social Media Strategy that Actually Works in 2020

I’ll be the first to tell you that if you’re still using the same ol’ social media strategy that Grandpa Ned came up with back in the early 2000’s, your business is bound for the gutters.

The thing is, if you want to succeed in your social media marketing endeavors, then you need to cope with the industry’s ever-changing landscape.

However, since the internet has a whole ocean of crappy content disguised as “expert tips,” I understand that figuring out which tips are legit, and which ones aren’t can be quite tricky.

Well, that’s why you need to read Richard’s guide. :)

In his post, he includes 13 quotes from reputable personalities in the social media scene.

7. How We Generated 1 Million Facebook Video Views: A Hubspot Experiment

After reading Ryan’s post, you’ll have a better idea of what works, and what doesn’t when trying to grow your Facebook video views.

With how costly running A/B tests can be, it pays to learn from other people’s experiments so you won’t have to start from scratch when trying to figure out how to optimize your videos.

If you want to have a profound understanding of how Facebook marketing works, so you can generate bajillions of Facebook video views, then check out Ryan’s post now.

What’s next?


I don’t know about you, but boy was I stoked after having read these guides.

With just a little bit of my imagination, I was able to formulate several unique social media marketing strategies. They aren’t just sound in principle, but are also simple and very easy to execute. You can also use social media platforms for your referral program to increase your customer engagement.

I’m guessing that you’ll have several “AHA!” moments too while reading the guides.

If you managed to come up with something that you think can help our community. Then by all means, please share it in the comments section below.

I look forward to reading your comments. Cheers!

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  • Dominic Murphy

    Social media marketing can be overwhelming for newbies. Although I automate my posts, I often interact with my audience on Instagram. Our customers love to receive personalised messages. Don't forget hashtags as well !

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    I am not into social media... but I gotta admit everything you said is true....

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    This is brilliant !

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