8 Concepts for a Successful Web Page Design

8 Concepts for a Successful Web Page Design

Anas Bouargane 21/07/2020 5
8 Concepts for a Successful Web Page Design

The success of a website will very much depend on the way it is designed.

A well-designed web page sets itself above the competition and draws immediate attention, giving you a better chance of attracting a massive and loyal audience. Your website is the face of your business, and most people will judge the book by its cover.

However, please note that web page design is more than just looks; it is also about the ease of navigation and usability. Quality web page design needs to have a couple of concepts in place in order to be a success.

Here are the top eight.

Simplicity Is the Right Course of Action

Over-designing, a website, is a common mistake many designers make. No one wants to visit a website that requires a lot of time to understand how to use it properly. Too many elements might actually be distracting rather than inviting. So if you wish to know how to start a WordPress blog and how to design your company’s web page, please note that simplicity is the only way to go. Clean and fresh designs are proven to be the most effective and timeless ones.

Readability and Typography

A massive part of web page design is making sure the text you are producing is visible, easy to read, and provides users with enough information. This is also an aspect that search engines take into account when they rank your page. For these reasons, you should make sure to keep your typography readable and visually appealing. Use fonts that are easy to read, like Arial or Calibri, and make your articles as easy to read as possible.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

There is no secret that these days most people have and use more than one smart device. However, not all sites are compatible with all mobile devices, making it difficult for your audience to enjoy your website. When designing your web page, keep in mind that it needs to be ready to be displayed on a smartphone, a laptop, and a tablet. Pretty soon, you might find yourself making adjustments for smartwatches as well. Your design needs to keep up with the advancement of technology.

Visuals and Colors Used

Color palette might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about web page design, but a perfect color combination will attract a lot of people to visit your site. Colors create an atmosphere and set up the mood of your brand. Enhancing your users’ experience by choosing the perfect color scheme and visuals for your website is an excellent strategy.

Loading Speed

Impatience is the theme of the 21st century. We want everything to be instant, fast, and already there before we want it. The pace of life has sped up, and so should the time it takes to load your web page. A website that takes too long to load is a website without an audience. Optimize your design to be able to provide high-speed loading.

Ease of Navigation

It has been proven that if a website is relatively easy to navigate, you can expect many more visitors. Effective navigation means having a hierarchical order of pages in the menu section, as well as some shortcuts buttons. It is a fantastic idea to follow the rule called “three-click-rule” and design your website so that it takes a maximum of three clicks to get to the desired information. 

Smooth Communication

The ultimate reason behind implementing web page design is to create an effective communication channel between you and your customer base. It is an exchange of valuable information, and if your communication is designed to run smoothly, your web page has a better chance of attracting people and making them stay longer on the site. To add the smooth quality to your content, use headlines and sub-headlines, as well as lists and bolded words.


More importantly, consistency in a website design is a crucial element of the puzzle.Focus your attention on matching all of the design elements throughout each of the web pages. You need to make sure that fonts, headings, sub-headings, and button styles are the same throughout your website. Plan everything in advance and take advantage of a consistent website.

Final Thoughts

Web page design is a crucial element of creating brand awareness and attracting an audience. Use all of the eight concepts mentioned above and design a site for your business that is built for success. Having an aesthetic and functional website will put you way ahead of your competition and introduce you as a professional online business.

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  • Grahame Williams

    Beautiful font is also a must !

  • Jason Wyatt

    Loading time is the most important metric for me

  • Mark Sawdon

    Content is king. I don't focus too much on aesthetic. Just look at the BBC website, it's not really appealing but the content is good and easy to read.

  • Stuart Mace

    Thank you for the tips

  • Stuart Mace

    Is it expensive to redesign a website?

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