8 Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for Success in 2018

8 Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for Success in 2018

Lead generation is the backbone of business growth! The more leads you generate for your business, the more opportunities you create for success and revenue generation. Content is the fuel in your lead generation process. Content is what attracts your users in the first place. So, if your content is able to convey the right message to your audience, you are likely to achieve even more success.

What is a lead generation process? It is the process of attracting and retaining potential customers and converting them into buyers. This process revolves around enticing the users to buy products or services that your business has to offer.

Why is lead generation important? The motto of any business activity narrows down to generating profit. The business growth depends on the sales, which further depends on generating good quality leads.

All businesses want more leads. But without a proper lead generation strategy, businesses are bound to feel lost and will not be able to achieve their lead goals. Therefore, it is important to have a lead generation marketing strategy in place. Here are 5 steps to start leads business. 

Refer to these tips while creating a lead generation marketing strategy:

What Are You Offering ?

The demands and need of your consumers and target audience are constantly changing. If you want your business to succeed, you need to keep a close check on the marketing trends and what your target audience demands.

The number of leads you generate is often determined by what you offer and how urgently your users require it. If your business offers a product or service for which there is no demand in the market, then your business will eventually die out, no matter how solid your lead generation marketing strategy is.

An effective way to make sure you generate more leads is to use the principle of scarcity. The sense of scarcity triggers a psychological reaction in a users’ mind. As a result of fear, users go ahead and make a purchase or an inquiry.

Personalize Connections on Social Media

In today’s scenario when social media channels are filled with spammy comments, it becomes important to personalize the connections that you have and have a good interaction with your network.

How many of your business leads are from social media channels? If we’re not mistaken you would answer this as many. Social media is a great place to collect leads and convert them into customers. LinkedIn is dominating as the top B2B marketing channel.

It is a good exercise to take part in group discussions across social media groups. This makes your business profile look genuine and not someone who is there for self-promotion.

Frequent Blogging

According to a recent report, organizations that blog more often generate more leads as compared to organizations that post a lesser number of blogs. This is a clear indication of how much B2B buyers depend on content before making a purchase.

This means that if your organization has sufficient online content on the type of your business services/products you offer, you have better chances of getting a good lead.

But, this certainly does not mean that you focus on increasing the quantity of content you publish online. Creating quality content that addresses the concern of the readers makes your business a credible source.

Clear CTA

The action you want your users or visitors to take should be mentioned clearly on your website. If you want them to purchase a book, let them know! If you want them to subscribe to a newsletter for digital marketing tips, let them know. Whatever it is that you want them to do should be mentioned in your Calls-to-Action.

When a user lands on your website or landing page, they should know exactly where to go and what to click on. Your CTA should guide your users on what to do next. The easier you make it for your users to find a CTA on your website, the higher chances you have of getting a lead.

A/B Testing

As a business owner, how do you ensure that your marketing strategy is in place and does not need any change? Many of you would suggest Google analytics. And we agree with that! Google analytics is an integral part of any activities you carry out online. It lets you analyze the traffic on your website and gives you a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Apart from Google Analytics, consider A/B testing. AB Testing ensures that the marketing campaigns you run are optimal and effective. A/B testing will allow you to make minor tweaks to the same campaign and test which one is more effective. You can do this till you arrive at the most optimal or successful campaign.

Video Marketing

If you spend a lot of time online, you’ve probably seen that video marketing is on the rise. Whether it’s for organizations or individuals, video marketing is the next big thing. Video marketing is the next big thing coming! According to a recent report, 48% of marketers are planning to start video marketing for their organization.

Majority of the content that you now see on the Internet and social media is in video format. The reason being that video is much easily consumed and easily retained by users. So, video marketing is one such technique that will never fail to attract leads.

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are lesser known influencers that have influence in a smaller niche. For small businesses who want to influence a specific niche, must consider hiring micro influencers.

Promotion by micro influencers is bound to attract the attention of their followers. So, when micro influencers start promoting your business, all eyes would be on you, creating a huge scope for generating leads.

But this is one such domain of digital marketing which is untapped by online marketers until now.

Online Marketing Tools

With many articles on the Internet revolving around the same topic, the competition is certain. To stay ahead, the content should be posted on time and must be worth reading. Here comes the need of online marketing tools every marketer must know of.

Scheduling tools like Hootsuite ease out the posting of content across various social media channels. Also, to create content that is worth a read, you can take the help of content curation tools.

Lead generation as a term might seem easy, but it is actually not. Refer the above-mentioned steps while framing your lead generation process and see the difference!

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  • Dean Atkin

    Most companies are following these techniques but aren't successful in generating leads because it doesn't feel spontaneous to some customers.

  • Chris Murrow

    Good article, thanks.

  • Thank you Chris, glad these tips helped you!

  • Eric Chambers

    Insightful tips !

  • Thank you Eric!

  • Lauren Hewitt

    Microblogging is the safest strategy to get more leads.

  • Agree with you Lauren, blogging definitely brings in more leads

  • Chloe Worthing

    Word of mouth is the most powerful method that helps convert leads into sales.

  • Yes indeed Chloe, word of mouth is still a popular way to attract leads

  • Mutty

    But why not use tools like oxyleads to get leads generated by a specific criteria you set? I’ve used it and I can say that obviously not all of those generated leads are worth a while, but most of them are and I’d never be able to go through so many of them manually.

  • Marie Wilkinson

    I know some companies who started with very good content but organically it is very hard to get the audience I found oxyleads very helpful to collect some good contact list.

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