Digital Value-Chain Networking

Digital Value-Chain Networking

Sreeram Sravani 08/01/2018 14

Every organisation, brand and business irrespective of their size are leveraging digital technology to reach more customers, to solve their problems and most importantly increase their retention. In this fast paced environment, the digital presence of companies is at its peak stage and some firms are even entering a new stage of digital technology through the help of “Digital Value Chain Networking”.

Yes, networking is the future of digital presence. The ease of communication has modified the structure of the markets and changed the relationship between companies and customers. The digital presence of companies is no longer enough, the market has changed, hence it’s time to adopt to the different forms of networks.

What is Value Chain Analysis?

Value chain analysis is used to identify sources of competitive advantage of a company, and more specifically it is often used to find the opportunities to secure cost advantages opportunities to create product/service differentiation.

For example, If some loyal customer comments on your post, suggesting to add a new product or new variant, companies should take that into consideration by analysing the prospective element to convert it into an idea.

Why Value Chain Networking is Going to Shape our Future 

  • Mobile and online social experience shape the new communication environment for consumers.
  • Smartphone is the new shopping cart and social networks are the new customer service centers.
  • The digital natives are refractory to the imposture of the brands and do not hesitate to denounce and fight them.

One of the most powerful effects of the value chain network comes from its ability to shred inefficient intermediations and replace them with optimized versions to the virtualization of the components of the value chain.

The companies that truly assume digital transformation have to understand that the digital presence of their brands is no longer enough because the challenge is not only communicational but also virtualization. The current requirement is to virtualize all the processes. Organizations that are capable of adopting the value chain network will only survive in the near future.

In our modern society, hyper connectivity is a commonality transcending the spaces of the physical and the virtual world. Paradoxically, along with the hyper connectivity characteristic of the modern social groups, there is also a tendency to prefer the old and the homemade.

The growing sophistication of the network access devices, is now converting into authentic social prostheses. This could lead to greater reliance on ultra-personalized recommendation systems in the form of virtual assistants with improved autonomous learning capabilities.

The retail industry is seeing a lot of improvements day by day and many MNC retail chains are eyeing on the market share by offering various types of offers, discounts and perks to attract customers. The stores of the future, in the physical world, could be places of destination, not just places of passage. Places in which people come and shop for various things along with various services such as entertainment, education, can be carried out, in addition to the mere purchasing of goods. In the future, retail stores will become more like spaces to meet, with less haste and better design.  

In addition to these convincing points to support the value chain networking as a future, corporate social responsibility should also evolve to connect with the dominant values of the youngest segments of the market and, at the same time it has to be communicated in a more effective way so that it does not generate the opposite effect on organisations.

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  • Kirill Kondrachov

    Original topic !!!

  • Ishfaq Rather

    Good article !!!! Nice addition to the BBN Times' team ;)

  • Brian Westwood

    Thanks for sharing this insightful analysis. Much appreciated!

  • Frank Delon

    Make sure to choose carefully who is in your digital network

  • Manuel Riesco

    Here is an important advice for beginners: please, before entering any digital market/ value chain network, you must have ideas of how you will make decisions to execute your marketing strategies. Planning is key ;)

  • Patrick Vargas


  • Letícia Miller

    What if someone can hack your digital identity ? Hope that this technology is secure and reliable for brands and organisations.

  • Carla

    interesting concept

  • Elsa Gibbs

    Clearly explained. Thank you !

  • Mark Anderson

    This is probably one of the best news websites I've seen yet that offers valuable advices to companies for free

  • Daniel Cinquine

    Before reading this article, I knew very little about digital value chain networking, now I am more knowledgeable.

  • Lee Yung Shun

    The digital world is so dynamic. There are a lot of opportunities that come in one area, but do not perfectly fit with you, and then there are some which are perfectly tailored for you.

  • David Blago

    I think it’s reasonable to say that this concept won't last forever and it's just another idea that could fail

  • Nipon Sarkar

    If only you could have provided more examples to clear up our thoughts on this new concept

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