Why Should You Know Which Bucket People in Your Network Belong to?

Why Should You Know Which Bucket People in Your Network Belong to?

Swati Agarwal 14/02/2018 9

All of us have a small group of people who are close to us - people who we work with; we value; we like; we spend time with; or we maybe envy. I like to divide these people in three buckets - 

Bucket A. People who give us happiness, peace of mind, positive energy, or power, etc.

Bucket B. People who do the opposite - who spread negative energy, give criticism, do unnecessary bullying and taunts, keep weird expectations, etc.

Bucket C. People in the rest of the world - the unknown - the untapped - the undiscovered - the beautiful rest of the world.

What is interesting is that more often than not -

Bucket A is much smaller than Bucket B,


Bucket C is undoubtedly the largest!

However more interesting point is that most of our actions are derived by Bucket B. We let the Bucket B people decide almost everything we do-

How should we get dressed; what should we study; what is the best time to get married or do babies; what is the ideal line of profession; what is the best retirement plan; what should be the size and budget of our dream house; which holiday destinations should we go to; which man or woman is the best for dating; and the list is endless...!

Though, in our life, the Bucket B people never pay our bills, take care of us, give us any sensible advice, or are there when it really matters. But we are always afraid of Bucket B, and in fact -

We do not dare to dream or take actions toward fulfilling our dreams in the fear of rejection from Bucket B!

We think all the time how Bucket B would react to this thing or that thing -

How would they find it if I perform in a stage show, sing a song, or dance. How would they like if I wear this dress in the party. How would they react if I go and talk to the CEO. How would they think of me if I sound too smart or dumb. How would they treat me if I tell them about a new job offer that I am considering.

Dear Dreamer, take a pause.. think again..say to yourself; "Really?" Do you really think that this -Bucket B- should matter to you?

You are mercilessly stopping yourself to nurture the Bucket A and explore the Bucket C which needs you and your unrealized potential - your ability to dream and make that dream come true!

So next time when you think of somebody, make sure you know which Bucket that person belongs to, and if you should really let them stand on your way to your dreams?

Thank you for reading; Your comments are heartily welcome!

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  • Ilan Miguel

    Bucket B is the most toxic one, we shouldn't pay attention to the people who spread negativity

  • Caleb Poirier

    Emotional contagion absorbs the feelings and emotions of those around us.

  • Mike001

    choose your friends wisely surround yourself with stellar people

  • Laurent Kohn

    If you are surrounded by many happy people that are central in your network, you are more likely to be always happy

  • Andy Robertson

    We conform to the persons around us because we choose to do so.

  • Guillaume Batshuayi

    It feels good to be accepted by others and is easier to go along with the crowd than against it. Don't follow the crowd if it will harm you.

  • Stanislas P

    Our emotions and decisions are shaped by those around us

  • Adrien Monnat

    If you are unhappy with your salary but don’t know what to do about it, and your friends are in the same boat complaining, then that mindset will rub off on you.

  • Felipo Didier

    What a great post !!!

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Swati Agarwal

Social Development Expert

Swati is the General Manager of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Hyderaad, where she builds powerful partnerships with non-profit organisations to tackle India's most pressing social challenges. SVP is the world's largest network of engaged philanthropists, with over 3,200+ investor-donors across more than 40 cities worldwide. Swati is a Teach For India Fellow - she has taught 100 girls for two years in a slum community in New Delhi. She has previously worked with Hedge Funds for four years as a consultant in New Delhi and New York. Swati holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology.

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