Dr. Kasey Johnson Healthcare Expert

Dr. Kasey Johnson is a family wellness chiropractor with a true passion for helping families reach their highest health potential. She is passionate about helping families, especially children, reach their highest health potential. Her main goal is to educate families on steps that they can take to remove the interference in their health to help break the cycle of the current "sick-care" system. She has given many lectures on wellness in the community, worked with local schools and businesses, and had a health and wellness radio show with a team of doctors in 2015. Dr. Kasey Johnson is the host of a weekly podcast called The Unlock Wellness Podcast, where she speaks to health experts, community leaders, and inspiring people who are dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential. Her podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and GooglePlay. Dr. Kasey Johnson attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus, to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic. 


Time Management Challenge

Last month, I posted a weekly goal setting challenge. Hopefully if you followed the challenge, you are making positive steps towards the goals that you set for yourself! Whether you completed the goal challenge or not, this week’s time management challenge will dramatically change how you view your schedule and how you spend your time.


Exercising with Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues are currently very common in our country. Symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, and depression can all occur if the thyroid isn’t functioning and balancing hormones properly. Because the symptoms of thyroid issues are affecting the body both physically and mentally, a lot of questions come up when it comes to fitness… like “Can I work out? Are there exercises that I shouldn’t be doing?” In most cases, you can and should work out when dealing with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism (*always consult with your physician)! But the key is to not over-do it! You definitely want to listen to your body at all times! Exercising can help combat symptoms from thyroid dysfunction by increasing energy, increasing bone density, increasing metabolism, improving mood, and promoting better sleep.


The Power of Mindset Shifts for Wellness

The biggest obstacle that most have to overcome when wanting to make positive lifestyle changes, is overcoming our own mindset and thoughts. We tell ourselves stories to why we can’t do something. Like, “I’m too tired to work out because I work full-time,” or “I injured my knee in high school, so I can’t push myself…” Creating a healthier life, especially with committing to a regular fitness routine, starts with shifting your old way of thinking, to having more empowering conversations with yourself, that lead to small, but impactful, changes every day.


3 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil for Toddlers

After having baby, I quickly realized how helpful essential oils were going to be in my life.


3 Ways to Work Out if You're Short on Time

Not having enough time is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking with a consistent fitness routine. Which is totally understandable. Work gets crazy, family life gets crazy… The balance can get extremely tough. But there are ways that you can still make fitness part of your everyday life!