4 Top Natural Cold-Fighting Tips

4 Top Natural Cold-Fighting Tips

With kids, colds are bound to happen. Especially since they are constantly being exposed to new things each day. So, I often get asked what I personally do to deal with minor cold symptoms for my daughter.

1) Get Adjusted!

Finding a chiropractor that does family maintenance care and sees children of all ages is a must! Chiropractic has been shown to drastically increase the body’s immune system, allowing the body to fight off sicknesses that it’s exposed to more effectively! If you need family wellness chiropractor recommendations, message me on Instagram at @DrKaseyJohnson and I’ll help you find one!

2) Stay Hydrated

Encourage your toddler to stay extra hydrated while they are healing! Water, smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and warm lemon water are all amazing options! Steer clear of sugary, processed beverages such as conventional juices and sodas, which will slow down the healing process!

3) Extra Sleep and Cuddling

Sleep, sleep, sleep!!!! Our bodies are designed to heal, repair, and grow while we are sleeping! Getting extra sleep is one of the best things that your little one should be doing if a cold strikes! So cuddle up with them extra! Put on a movie and just relax!

4) Essential Oils

Essential oils have been a game-changer for our family. We use a variety of them daily, but we definitely kick them up a notch when anyone in our family has a cold. Oils such as lavender (which can assist with calmness and rest), lemon (which helps purify the air), and peppermint (which can enhance lung function), are natural ways to help relieve symptoms while at the same time help the body heal more optimally. You can diffuse them in your toddler’s room and in common areas, as well as use them topically on their feet (Google “child oil dilution guides” to find proper dilution ratios for rollers if you choose to use them topically). Oils will quickly become your best friend.

Parents: Don’t Forget to Also Take Care of Yourself!

I know when the kids get sick, it’s stressful on the whole family. So be sure to also take care of yourselves moms and dads. Eat extra plants, get adjusted as well, drink a lot of non-processed fluids (mainly water), get extra rest (easier said than done, but try!), and get the oils diffusing in your room as well! This will pass before you know it! As always, reach out to me on Instagram at @DrKaseyJohnson with any questions that you may have!

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  • Jim Collins

    Here's a another preventive.........VITAMIN D. If you can't get it from the sun, then try to get a supplement. Not as good as the sun's vitamin D, but it's better than no vitamin D at all.

  • Nick Dowling

    Good tips

  • Laura Gallagher

    Some good tips in there!

  • Mark Anthony

    Helpful !

  • Dennis Bronkhorst

    It’s June and I’m sick but when it was winter I wasn’t sick

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