Creating Lifelong Health Changes

Creating Lifelong Health Changes

I often get asked what I think are the most important aspects of creating lifelong health changes.

The first thing that I recommend is to figure out your “why.” Why do you want to get healthier? And not just superficially. Having an esthetic goal can be extremely motivating, but to keep it a sustainable lifestyle, you need to brainstorm on the true “why.”

Do you want to be around for your kids and not miss anything in their amazing lives? Did you lose a loved one to a lifestyle disease and have to witness the tragedy firsthand? Whatever your personal “why” is, latch onto that and write it down so you can be reminded of it everyday.

The second and most important factor that is crucial for creating lifelong health changes, is finding a community of like-minded individuals who will raise you up. Even if you have supportive friends and family, which most do not have unfortunately, having a community to continuously learn from and cheer you on, is a game-changer. The beautiful thing about community, is that with the internet you can now reach people all over the world. You are no longer bound to people in your close-knit community (but if you can have the support of both, even better!).

For me personally, social media has helped me take my health and professional journey to the next level. The connections that I’ve made in the plant-based community have been life-changing.

If you’re reading this and you are ready to take your health to the next level, before you jump on a treadmill or try a new diet, get out a notebook and write down your “why.” Take your time with it, take a few days if you need to. Really dig deep. Next, find your tribe. Follow people on social media who inspire you, not bring you down. Join Facebook groups with similar interests, check out podcasts related to the health-path that you aspire to have, follow the podcasters and guests on social media that you love, then engage with their audiences.

Don’t be afraid to message people on social media that inspire you and ask questions! You’d be surprised who answers you back!

This journey is a process, so stay consistent and don’t get discouraged. Find your “why,” and find a like-minded community to help you stay inspired, constantly learning, and on-track. I believe in everyone reading this so much! You can do this! And as always, please reach out to me on Instagram at anytime at @drkaseyjohnson! Look forward to hearing about your journey!

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  • Susan Peacock

    I listen everyday to podcasts while commuting. They shaped me as a person and inspired me to become an even better individual.

  • Emma Caulder

    My husband is my mentor. He is the one helping me in my diet, fitness and social life.

  • Jennifer Carroll

    Becoming vegan is the best decision I have ever made

  • Georgia Bee

    Plant based diet is a must if you wanna see some results

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Dr. Kasey Johnson

Healthcare Expert

Dr. Kasey Johnson is a family wellness chiropractor with a true passion for helping families reach their highest health potential. She is passionate about helping families, especially children, reach their highest health potential. Her main goal is to educate families on steps that they can take to remove the interference in their health to help break the cycle of the current "sick-care" system. She has given many lectures on wellness in the community, worked with local schools and businesses, and had a health and wellness radio show with a team of doctors in 2015. Dr. Kasey Johnson is the host of a weekly podcast called The Unlock Wellness Podcast, where she speaks to health experts, community leaders, and inspiring people who are dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential. Her podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and GooglePlay. Dr. Kasey Johnson attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus, to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic. 

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