What are Binaural Beats?

What are Binaural Beats?

We’ve all seen movies where the main character is trying to reach their highest human potential. Like the film Limitless, where Bradley Cooper takes a secret drug that allows him to use 100% of his brain.

When Bradley is able to use 100% of his brain, he’s able to become the person that he always aspired to be. He became organized, extremely efficient, successful, a great conversationalist, and could easily recall facts and figures that he had barely been exposed to in his life. Although this is a fictional movie and a fictional drug, the idea of being able to fully utilize the potential of the brain is something that scientists and physicians have been working towards for quite some time. There is no secret pill that can make this a reality, but what if there were actions to help rewire the brain? What if there were actions to create new pathways and increase the level to which you could utilize your brain’s highest potential?

I’m going to be researching and providing more information on my blog this month on how to do just that. Our brains are so complex and amazing, and we’ll probably never fully understand its capabilities. But, there is so much fascinating research available on how we can unlock unused potential. This month we’ll jump more into binaural beats, the effects of meditation and yoga on the brain, the benefits of plant-based nutrition for brain health, and how chiropractic care can help the brain and nervous system function and heal at it’s highest potential.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are definitely not new to the scene. They’re new to my world, but they were actually first discovered in 1839. A physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that if you play two different frequencies, one in each ear (using headphones for the most effectiveness), that the frequencies would split the difference in the middle, allowing our brain to create that new wave.

So What Does that Mean Exactly?

Our brains have different frequencies for different states of life. Sleep has a certain frequency, so do all emotions and states of focus, such as excitement, sadness, and the feeling of focus before a test or big game. Why binaural beats are such a game-changer, is that they can assist your brain to create certain frequencies when you want them. For example, you have a test tomorrow but you’re extremely distracted and can’t focus to study… By listening to the appropriate binaural beats, you can help your brain get into the right state of mind so you can focus more, activate more creative thoughts, and get more work done. The same goes for those nights that you can’t sleep, or the mornings you wake up groggy… Binaural beats can help achieve the state that you want to reach.

Learning about binaural beats has been amazing for myself. I’ve added them to my meditation routine (which isn’t perfect, but improving), and have noticed a huge difference with my state of mindfulness during those times. I’ve also tested different ones out while I do tasks such as reading articles or writing. I thought at first they might be too distracting, while in fact it was the opposite. I felt more focused and clear-headed. While these are all my personal experiences and opinions, there is plenty of research that backs it up. Many clinics are even implementing binaural beats therapy into the treatment of patient’s with anxiety and depression and seeing very positive results. A study “reported that patients who received binaural-beat stimulation in the delta frequency for 30 min daily over 60 days showed a significant decrease in trait anxiety scores assessed with the STA-I.” Athletes are also starting to take advantage of the benefits of binaural beats to help them reach a state of elite focus before a game. They’re definitely becoming more mainstream as more and more are discovering the benefits.

Interested in Trying out Binaural Beats?

I definitely recommend you try listening to binaural beats, whether to help you relax after a long day or to increase your focus at school or work. And the great thing is, you can find so many binaural beats for free on YouTube! But, not all free binaural beats on YouTube are created equal, so you may have to test a few out if they don’t work for you right away. There are also binaural beats that you can purchase to assure quality. The binaural beats available at aubreymarcus.com for purchase are amazing and very high quality (I am not an affiliate or get reimbursed at all for promoting aubreymarcus.com). As I learn about other sites that I trust I will share those as well! So go give them a try and keep me posted what you think! Comment below or add me on social media and let me know!

Stay tuned this month as we continue to dive into the amazing potential of the brain!

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  • Amy Irwin

    That would be incredible if we can use our brain at full capacity, but I don't think it's doable at the very moment.

  • Craig Ferguson

    There are different activities that can stimulate your brain to become more efficient, Yoga is my favorite one.

  • David Zieba

    Impressive !!!!!

  • Stephanie Veall

    Some startups are already developing special microchips to improve our brain

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