What Is Your Going Live Strategy For 2018?

What Is Your Going Live Strategy For 2018?

James Calder 12/05/2018 3

In terms of advances in marketing 2018 will be known for the live stream. Any person or brand can Go Live within seconds and let’s just take a moment to realize how amazing that is.

Seriously, think about that.

In 2018 we all have a television studio with the ability to connect live instantly to our networks anywhere at anytime.

Live video is nothing new. I remember playing around with Spreecast back in 2013 and 2014.

What is still relatively new is the mass integration and consumption of live streams on sites like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram Stories. And you know that naturally means that SnapChat and the rest will soon add a live feature very soon.

When will my favorite social platform LinkedIn add a Go Live feature?

Periscope was an early leaders in live video but I never got into it cause it was just another thing to explore and I didn’t have the time. The interesting thing here is that platforms already used by millions are starting to incorporate it into their news feeds.

Facebook has really been pushing live.

I have noticed an increase in TV commercials promoting the live feature. You can also check out a map of all the people who are broadcasting live at any moment at https://www.facebook.com/livemap/#@40.009708404541,-75.19344329833999,4z

The possibilities for marketing are endless.

If you are a real estate agent you can offer prospective clients live tours of properties saving them time and money.

If you are at a tradeshow you can go live and ride the event for your brand’s benefit.

If you are doing a raffle or giveaway you can go live and engage your audience in a fun creative way.

For some it may come with cons though. There is no editing. If your company has something to hide or holes in your business you should not explore it. But if you have team members who are passionate about what you do every single day than what better way to let the outside world in once in awhile.

What is your strategy for going Live in 2018 and do you have tips? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Joe Hotchin

    You know your stuff! Thanks for the info. You are great!

  • Sam Hinton

    I am using Facebook live but it's time to up my game

  • Craig Searle

    I've never gone live but I think I'll try it!!!

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