How Technology Can Ease Relocation & Moving Your House​​

How Technology Can Ease Relocation & Moving Your House​​

How Technology Can Ease Relocation & Moving Your House​​

At BBN Times, we know technology, but we also know that moving to a new home is an overwhelming endeavour, whether you’re moving down the street or relocating across the country. 

Thankfully, times have changed, and today, it’s easier to move anywhere with help from new technology like moving apps and more. No matter the size or distance of your move, this new technology for moving can help to make the process easier from start to finish. 

The key is knowing which types of technology are right for you and how to use these tools most efficiently. 

This guide has many helpful tips and information regarding technology for moving that you can take advantage of during your next significant life change.


For business:

Get Quotes Well in Advance

Before you determine your move date, it’s vital to get multiple moving quotes to help you get a better idea of what your budget is and should be.

You might not have time to call different movers, but getting quotes online makes the process way faster and easier.

  • A digital or virtual quote allows you to send a virtual “survey” of your home, showcase how many items you need to move, and the specifics of the property. You can do this via a moving app, or upload some clear high-definition videos. Next, you send the info directly to the mover to get a quote quickly.

  • You’ll need a smartphone with a decent camera for a precise digital moving quote. You will need this to record different rooms and snap pictures of items you need to move. Some moving companies may offer virtual moving quotes via video conference call. Make sure that you record everything accurately, so you leave nothing out. This new technology for moving allows removalists to see how much you have and the size of the items, and it gives them a clear overview of what needs moving to provide you with an accurate estimate.

  • In addition to the actual moving quotes, you should be able to schedule the packing and moving dates virtually. Once you find a company you like, simply confirm the scheduled date and time with them for your big move.

  • For renovation and home decor works, it's best to also act well in advance and consult with interior designers on availability and the specifics of your new home. Landlords will often default with minimalistic and soulless properties to allow renters to further tailor and comfy the nest. 

Tracking Your Belongings & Moving Trucks

track your truck

Many mover apps or cookieless websites also allow you to track your moving truck, so you know exactly where your items are at all times, comments Such technology guarantees your peace of mind, and it helps to know precisely when you can expect your belongings to arrive, making it much easier to plan the big day and physically move in.

Property Viewings & 360 Photography

If you’re planning to buy a home, new tech in property photography can help you find the perfect place. Nowadays, tech gives you a clear, accurate picture of the property you’re interested in moving to or buying. 

360 photography

Here are some examples of these new photography techniques and how they make life easier for home buyers and sellers.

  • 360 photography gives you a much broader view of land, interior and exterior of a property. This photography technique is a popular option among realtors marketing homes, and it allows you to see properties from various angles and viewpoints. You can interact with images, pan in and out, zoom, and get a full view of a home from every angle to help you determine if it’s the right property for you.

  • Another perk to having modern tech for moving is drone photography. It allows an incredibly clear and accurate image of homes, properties, surroundings, neighbourhoods, and more. It makes it easier for potential homebuyers to get a much more accurate idea of a neighborhood and the home itself. Whether you’re moving to a new state or a new city, drone and 360 photography offers a unique view and a fresh insight.

Research Areas Thanks To Technology

It’s vital to research a new area before you make a move. Here are some ways that new technology makes the process easier.

  • Use GPS to help you determine the best ways to get to your location. Virtual maps provide you with insight into easy accessibility by locating nearby streets, avenues, and highways you can use to get to your new home or job.

  • Many websites offer accurate crime statistics to help you find the safest neighborhoods, or ensure that your residential community security is up to par with the area. These crime stats are available via interactive maps where you can see what types of crimes committed, when, and where. The FBI also provides online information on crime in your specific state and more.

  • Utilize online maps to help you locate essential amenities near your new home, including everything from local shopping malls and supermarkets to schools, hospitals, and pharmacies. Planning will make it easier to find the most important places for you.

  • The web provides a plethora of information to help learn more about the neighbourhood you plan to live in. Look for local social media groups, visit message boards, and go to the city or county’s Chamber of Commerce page to learn more about local activities, community events, and more. 

  • Moving Apps That Help Organise

Getting organised before and during your move can be challenging. There are lots of helpful moving apps designed to make the process easier.

  • Use an app to create virtual checklists, including the date you need to pack, when you should hire movers, and when you plan to transfer or turn off utilities. This simple Internet tech will help you make sure that you’ve covered all your bases before moving day.

  • Consider budgeting apps to help you plan for your move. These apps aren’t just great for moving – they’re also an excellent resource to help you maintain a budget once you get to your new home to manage your money more effectively.

  • A moving weight calculator will help you estimate the weight of your belongings. Such simple digital assistants help you provide accurate information to moving companies when looking for an estimate. While these calculators aren’t 100% accurate, they’re a helpful tool whenever you need to move heavy items like your favourite flat-screen TV or a piece of furniture you’ve inherited from your family.

  • Create an inventory spreadsheet to help you keep track of your stuff. These spreadsheets can also be given to movers to help them come up with a solid estimate for you to use when you’re budgeting the cost of the move. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of the value of items you own and ensure that everything arrives safely.

Create a Digital Inventory

Before you move

  • Develop a digital inventory to track what goes where and what gets to your new home, hint removalist consultants What Removals. This virtual inventory will ensure that you’re aware of the items you own and know where they are at all times. Here are some tips to help you design a digital inventory before moving.

  • Take clear pictures of all furniture and valuable items you own, and include photos of all boxes. Save these images in a folder on your smartphone or upload them to the cloud for safe storage. These photos will help you if you need to claim damages and are also an excellent way to ensure that everything arrives safely at your new destination.

  • Apply sticky labels with barcodes for every item you’re moving, advise moving supplies helpers at Fantastic Services. There are apps that let you create custom labels you can scan with your phone to identify the contents inside different boxes, storage totes, and much more. Such app allows you to notate all the contents inside to know precisely what is in each box. It’s a good way to keep track of your items and help you figure out where each box should go when you’re ready to unpack.

Sign Documents & Make Payments Digitally

digital signatures

Whether you’re renting or buying your new home, there will be plenty of documents you need to sign. Doing so digitally can speed up the process and prevent you from being physically present to provide your signature.

  • You can digitally review and sign items like lease agreements, contracts, and other legal documents thanks to online services. It’s important to note that a home mortgage cannot be signed digitally, so you’ll need to schedule accordingly if you’re buying a new home. Ask your landlord or real estate attorney about digital signing and which items you can sign virtually ahead of time.

  • If you’re renting an apartment, you can make a digital deposit for your new place so that it’s secured. You can also create digital final payments to movers once the moving process and checklist are complete. Most moving companies accept payments via their website or various online payment processors.

  • Use technology for moving to your advantage by digitally storing all of your documents for a seamless, paperless move. It’s also a great way to keep track of important files and other paperwork without dealing with physical papers that you’ll need to store in a file cabinet in your new home.

Understanding all the new technology available today can make your move easier and safer. Through the use of virtual moving estimates, 360 photography, and digital inventory, your next move will be seamless. Consider these technology apps, tips, and more to help you get through the process of moving more efficiently. 

Then, sit back and relax as you enjoy your new home!

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