5 Cost-Effective Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

5 Cost-Effective Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

Anuja Lath 14/01/2021 2
5 Cost-Effective Branding Strategies for Small Businesses

Branding can make small businesses rise and soar amid tough market competition.

A misconception that many people have regarding branding is its cost. Going all out with branding can cost you a bit, but there are several cost-effective solutions to it as well. 

You need to make your brand memorable for others to take note of it. According to Small Biz Genius, it takes 5 to 7 impressions for an individual to remember your brand. Once people become familiar with your brand, you can take your branding strategies to new heights. 

Here, we list down 5 cost-efficient branding strategies that you incorporate in your business: 

1. Build a Community 

Your brand’s niche is the focal point of attraction for your targeted audience. The problems that you solve and the solutions that you offer differentiates you from other organizations. People form a bond with your brand, have expectations, and invariably become a part of your journey. 

The best way to create a community of like-minded people is through conversations and social engagement. It helps you understand your brand to the core and presents the opportunity to make your product more consumer-centric. 

Potion Social informs that 66% of companies rely on brand communities for product development and service optimization. Add value to your thoughts, showcase your brand’s charisma, and continue to grow your community. 

2. Establish a Unique Brand Voice 

Brand voice is more than the way you communicate with your audience. It’s the branding definition of your brand’s personality and a reflection of your vision too. Brand voice helps maintain consistency across various platforms and improves your company’s credibility and authenticity. 

According to Stackla, 86% of consumers find authenticity the most critical aspect when they support or follow a brand. If your brand voice is repetitive, old, or inconsistent, there’s no way you can establish yourself as an authentic entity. 

Perform brisk market research to understand your audience’s demographics. This will help you decide the tonality you need to adopt for your business. For example, casual for millennials, professional for businessmen, formal for B2B affairs, etc.

3. Offer Supreme Customer Assistance 

It’s common for brands to guarantee a flawless experience and round-the-clock support. However, not all are able to walk their talk. Utilize this opportunity to stand up and above your competitors by becoming your consumer’s superhero. 

As per Brand Manvision, more than 73% of customers love a brand because of its superior consumer service. Solve their doubts, resolve their queries, and ensure that no customer is left unattended. 

You can strengthen the bond with the consumers each time they seek assistance from you. Offering them a positive experience has significant benefits in the long run. 

4. Leverage Local SEO 

Local SEO is a powerful tool for small businesses. It also helps you partner with local firms to form long-term professional collaborations. Yelp and Glassdoor are examples of brands that have utilized local SEO for aggressive business growth. 

Think with Google informs that 76% of smartphone users who search for a local business visit it within a day. When you increase engagement with the local audience, you obtain positive word-of-mouth from the public, and their testimonials become your social proof. 

Focus on various on-page SEO factors like title tag, web architecture, local keyword optimization, and more to rank higher in the local search results. 

5. Maintain Branding Consistency 

The fonts, visuals, and tonality you use for branding strategies should be consistent throughout. It’s easily achievable with the help of clearly-defined branding guidelines. This document ensures that you don’t deviate from the decided color palette, logo size, font style, etc.

Consistent representation of your brand has monetary benefits too. According to Lucidpress, maintaining brand consistency improves overall revenue by 33%. 

You don’t need to maintain the large-scale style guides that the industry leaders have. An informative document that touches on all points is enough to achieve branding consistency for growing businesses. 

To Conclude 

Branding is a one-stop solution to announce your brand as a credible entity in the marketplace. You can build a loyal community of consumers to improve social engagement. Establishing a unique brand voice empowers you to convey your emotions to the audience. 

Customer assistance strengthens the bond with your consumers, and local SEO allows you to have a stronghold on the local audience. Branding consistency improves your authenticity and works a long way in increasing brand awareness and reputation. 

What are other cost-effective branding strategies that you can think of? Express your thoughts in the comments section.

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