5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Try in 2021

5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Try in 2021

Anuja Lath 25/01/2021 6
5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Try in 2021

Digital marketing’s arsenal is loaded with weapons.

But are all these weapons equally effective, or there are some specific ones more powerful than others?

Does the way one uses digital marketing also play a significant role?

Established brands and multinational companies don’t have major budget concerns. So, it’s the startups and SMBs that have to make a harsh call on dropping a few marketing tactics to empower other digital marketing strategies that work for them. 

Marketers often ignore the various elements of digital marketing, and the same also reflects in their campaign’s outcome. According to Smart Insights, 45% of companies still don’t have an organized digital marketing strategy. 

But, we won’t allow the same to happen to you. Here are five effective digital marketing strategies that always work: 

1. Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing tops the list of the most effective digital marketing strategies. As per AdWeek, more than 90% of marketers believe that their businesses have significantly benefited from influencer marketing. 

This marketing tactic has a low barrier to entry when compared with other conventional marketing methods. It encompasses a massive pool of audience available on various social media platforms. The influencer’s authenticity and fan-following help you promote your brand, secure leads, and score conversions. 

Ensure that you collaborate with an influencer who has a high engagement rate and their persona matches with your product or service. 

2. Search Engine Optimization 

You use a search engine for any information, product, or service you need. With more than 4.6 billion internet users, the demand for optimized landing pages, responsive websites, and seamless user experience is greater than ever. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you improve your SERP rankings and overall web visibility. A study done by Search Engine Journal informs that Google’s top result has a CTR of 25%. You can achieve all your digital marketing goals in a jiffy if you ace the game of SEO. 

Apart from SEO, you can also explore search engine marketing (SEM) techniques like paid ads to secure a sweet spot on Google’s result page. 

3. Inbound Marketing

Hard selling, cold calling, advertisements, etc., don’t always go down well with the consumer. It pushes them “away” instead of pulling them “towards” and “into” your sales funnel. Inbound marketing is a value-driven digital marketing approach that attracts customers through quality content. 

Premium content improves your brand’s credibility and marks you as an “expert” in your niche. 

As per Invespcro, well-executed inbound marketing campaigns deliver ten times the result you’ll get from an outbound campaign. 

You get high quality leads at minimal expenses with the opportunity to secure as many new customers as possible. Your lead nurturing and conversion strategies have a vital role to play here. 

4. Email Marketing

Emails continue to be among the best-performing assets of digital marketing. Even when you avail digital marketing agency services, email marketing is always there in their charts. You must be wondering why is it so?

It’s a combination of several factors that include ROI, authenticity, open rates, and more. Email marketing is inexpensive, and more than 3.5 billion people use email services. When you design personalized emails for your audience and optimize them further for mobiles, email marketing still holds the potential to “get the job done.”

To engage with your subscribers regularly, you can run a newsletter campaign. According to Content Marketing Institute, more than 30% of marketers agree that newsletters are the best solution for lead nurturing. You can easily keep the customers in the loop of what’s your brand up to, upcoming launches, exclusive offers, and more through newsletters. 

5. Video Marketing


Today’s population has become a part of a visually appealing culture, and the surge in video marketing is a testimonial to the claim. Be it live videos, streams, behind the scenes, product-explainer videos – all have their individual impact on the user. 

As per Outbrain, video marketing is now an integral part of more than 87% of digital marketing strategies devised by marketers. You have the privilege to be your own self in the videos you shoot and directly interact with your audience. 

What you say and how you say it depends on individual choice. A compelling brand story demonstrated through an impactful video can work wonders for your business. Keep your videos short and informative, and collaborate with a top digital marketing agency to elevate your video marketing campaign.

To Conclude

If you’re looking to deep-dive into digital marketing, you simply cannot miss these critical digital marketing strategies. Cost-effective solutions like inbound and email marketing help you invest in other digital marketing methods like influencer marketing.

Video marketing is at its pinnacle, and we as a digital marketing company recommend marketers to include any form of visual content in their campaign. SEO ensures that you and your team are not the only ones reading and watching the content you create. 

Which digital marketing strategy would emerge as a surprise performer in 2021? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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  • Ben Thompson

    Awesome tips !!!!

  • Andy Jenkinson

    Influencer marketing will continue to surprise us....

  • Justin Cook

    SEO is essential. You can't survive online without an SEO strategy. After SEO you can focus on content marketing, video marketing and influencer marketing.

  • Richard Jenkins

    Email marketing is still popular !

  • Darren Stevenson

    All 5 of them are top performers.

  • Anthony Pearce

    Same as last year except more focus on video marketing and influencers. 2020 is the mirror of 2021. No major changes so far.

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