5 Killer Social Media Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind for 2021

5 Killer Social Media Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind for 2021

Anuja Lath 29/12/2020 4
5 Killer Social Media Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind for 2021

Social networking websites serve as the glue between the brand and the target audience. 

As per Backlinko, there are more than 3.8 billion social media users. All social media users interact with various brands daily, and ventures with an effective social media marketing strategy secure notable conversions as well. 

The right social media strategy should be a mix of several critical aspects. It should push your brand to try something new and innovative and should also ensure that the focus never deviates from the customer. 

Here, we list down five killer social media marketing tips that'll help you devise the perfect social media strategy: 

1. Be Culturally Aware 

Awareness is key in the world of social media. The content you promote on your social handle should have a flavor of different cultures and countries. This is because when your content goes on the internet, it defies all geographical boundaries and reaches a diverse section of the audience. 

When you connect to people of different cultures, you prove that your brand treats all people alike. It acts as a welcome sign for new consumers, and you get an overwhelming response for the same. 

2. Avoid Hardcore Selling on Social Media

People use social media as a medium for recreation and love to indulge in fun activities. You don't want to spoil their favorite pastime by offering an array of hardcore selling posts. Your initial target on social media should be to increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience. 

Create engaging content for your brand's social media handle and utilize CTA-oriented posts to score sales. Keep up with the trends, and don't include a selling strategy in all your social media posts. If you have been doing this, now is the time to stop and revise your social media content strategy. 

3. Utilize User-Generated Content 

User-generated content is the most authentic piece of content available on the internet. These are Q&As, product feedback, service reviews, etc., that people post online. You can use UGC for your brand's promotion on social media as a genuine testimonial for products and services.

People prefer to make data decisions depending on reviews. The best way to judge another consumer's satisfaction level is through feedback. When visitors come across the social proofs you have posted on social media, they entrust your brand and invariably the services you offer. According to AdWeek, user-generated content boosts web conversions by 29%. 

4. Optimize Content for Mobile Phones

It's high time to adopt a mobile-first approach. More than 50% of the total web traffic comes from mobile phones. If you fail to impress the visitors who use a smartphone to access social media, you reduce the target audience pool by more than half. 

study done by Ironpaper informs that nearly 80% of the users would leave a social media platform if its content doesn't align properly on their device. Test the content posted on all social media channels for mobiles, tablets, and PCs. Rectify the issues, optimize the navigation experience to impress the visitors, and get positive word of mouth for your brand. 

5. Organize Polls, Contests, and Giveaways 

Your audience is your best teacher. When you use polls and ask them questions, they'll readily voice their opinion. Use this data to modify your social media marketing services as per the consumer's demand to win them over. 

Contests and giveaways are modern strategies that require minimal investment but always deliver positive returns. You can set up contests and award winners with any item of your choice. It can be your brand's merchandise or a free subscription. Craft a social media post for the same to authenticate the legitimacy of the contest or giveaway. 

To Conclude

Social media marketing is a must-have for all business entities. With the right set of social media marketing tools and the killer tips we mentioned above, you also can master the art of social media marketing.  

Which social media channel do you use the most for your social media marketing strategy?

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  • Steve Wilson

    Excellent tips

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    I don't trust giveaways !

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    You can also make money with social media !

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    Good tips

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