Why Should Organizations Create Their Marvel Cinematic Universe To Improve Their Marketing Strategy?

Why Should Organizations Create Their Marvel Cinematic Universe To Improve Their Marketing Strategy?

Issac Thomas 02/05/2021 5
Why Organizations Should Create Their Marvel Cinematic Universe?

According to Forrester, it takes buyers 11.4 pieces of content to make a purchasing decision.

When you just focus on a piece of content at a time, getting your audience to go through 11 pieces of content will take a lot of time and resources. That’s why dear organizations, it's time to create your marvel cinematic universe. 

Gone are the days when a single content piece would drive the success of your marketing campaign. 

When you send a visitor to a single blog, podcast, whitepaper, or landing page, all they will do is consume that piece of content and go their way. 

How To Create Your Marvel Cinematic Universe To Improve Their Marketing Strategy


© Marvel

It takes a long-term approach to develop the perfect marketing strategy.

Create content assets interlinked to each other and tell a bigger story that aligns with your organization’s goals and user needs. 

Don’t just create content, have a strategy in place, and tell a compelling story. 

Focus on content experience!

What Exactly is Content Experience?


© Marvel

The overall impression a prospect or a buyer gets after continuous interactions with your content.

If you have watched Avengers: Endgame, you will definitely remember the scene where Captain America finally lifts Mjolnir much to the joy of fans.

The seeds of this epic scene were planted in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Cap almost lifts the Mjolnir during the party scene. 

The party scene made people wonder if the cap was worthy sparking debates across social media platforms all over the globe till the endgame happened. 21 films preceded “Endgame” setting it up as one of the most awaited movies of all time. 

The hype, the fan service, and the whole build-up made Avengers: Endgame the highest-grossing movie all over the globe before Avatar took over. 

That is what content experience is all about.

A single blog, or an eBook or a whitepaper, or a social media post will only mesmerize the audience once, and then they will go their ways.

Hook them with that one post and trigger them to explore your content universe. 

Binge-watching is the trend. Leverage it!

Build your own content universe and tempt your prospects to binge-watch your content.

In the process of initiating their buyer’s journey.

How did the MCU Achieve Humongous Success in a Span of 11 Years?


© Marvel

Marvel had sold all rights of their famous comic characters since they were bankrupt. They took a loan to make Ironman.

Had Ironman failed, they would have to sell the rest of their character movie rights too. A lot was at stake. 

In their own words, Marvel was in the Endgame.

They risked everything on a B-list superhero from Marvel comics and decided to make it with an actor who just got out of prison for multiple drug charges. What made it riskier was the script was incomplete and the actors had to improvise. 

Though in the end, this recipe for disaster turned out into a mouth-watering delicacy.

The gamble paid off, Ironman was a huge hit earning $585 million on a budget of $140 million setting the MCU in motion. 

21 films later, Marvel made Avengers: Endgame which became the highest-grossing movie of all time. 

How times change!

If your content marketing is in a mess right now, I have a tip for you, and mind you, this is advice that can make your organization a billion-dollar company.

Take some risks, gather your resources, and build your own content universe. 

For a change, take the long-term approach.

The success of MCU is the result of well-paced storytelling through a meticulously planned marketing strategy

What Can You Learn From Marvel Here?

How RPA and IPA differ and why you need them

Understand first, content marketing is similar to big-budget movies requires long-term planning. Stop creating content at the snap of your fingers. 

How did Thanos gather all the infinity stones or how did the Avengers defeat Loki, Ultron, and ultimately Thanos?

  1. They had a team
  2. They had a plan

Create Content in Phases

This is what the MCU did, it released movies in three phases.

Phase 1- Introducing avengers with standalone movies to the cinematic universe, and concluding it by bringing them together in The Avengers.

Phase 2- It starts with taking note of the repercussions after the first Avengers film, introducing new characters, and threats, showcasing glimpses of a bigger danger and the changing dynamics of the team due to ideological differences.

Phase 3- The ideological differences lead to breaking up off the avengers, the big threat revealing itself, and how the avengers deal with it.

Let’s see the revenue generated by the MCU in every phase.

Phase 1- $3.8 billion over a budget of $1 billion

Phase 2- $5.2 billion over a budget of $1.1 billion

Phase 3- $13.5 billion over a budget of $2.4 billion

Phase 1 generated 3x ROI, phase 2 generated 5x ROI, and phase 3 generated almost 6x ROI. The ROI generated is indeed a testimony of how it’s the long-term approach that yields result in content marketing. 

Do not focus on a single content asset, create a content experience for your customers.

Imagine, if MCU had stopped at just Ironman :-p

How to Build Your Content Universe?

5 New Content Marketing Strategies To Get Traffic And Email Subscribers

Each part of the MCU, be it a standalone movie, a TV series or an Avengers movie was made keeping in mind-

  1. Introducing characters
  2. Development of character arcs
  3. Telling a bigger story

When you focus on creating content in phases, keep the long-term approach in mind. Every content asset should align with your user needs and company goals.

  • A social media post can be the seed for a blog post,
  • A blog post can be the seed for a whitepaper, 
  • A whitepaper can be the seed for an e-book, 
  • An e-book can be the seed for a full-fledged book, or a video series, or podcast episodes
When a content asset generates a lot of engagement, develop it further, and let it evolve into a bigger content format.

How Do You Do That?

  • Research
  • Put in more information
  • Add more stories
  • Find analogies in pop culture
  • Quote from experts, books, and trending news
  • Use stats and infographics

Do everything to make it better.

Every content asset has its own arc, develop it.

Do that with every content asset, develop their content arcs, and bring them together to build a compelling content universe that enlightens up the buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey is the bigger story that you need to cover. 

Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey Requires Different Content Assets

Healthcare Business Challenge

1. Awareness Stage

  • Blog posts
  • Social posts
  • Research studies
  • Analyst reports
  • eBooks and e-Guides
  • White papers
  • Educational content

2. Consideration Stage

  • Comparison papers and articles
  • Expert guides
  • Case studies
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

3. Decision Stage

  • Vendor and product comparisons
  • Product literature and demonstrations
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Product reviews

4. Loyalty Stage

  • User guides
  • Product-focused articles
  • Product updates
  • Customer newsletters
  • Promotions and loyalty programs
  • News and event details
  • Surveys 

In a span of 11 years, Marvel made around 22 films. 

You need 22 or more content assets all through the buyer’s journey to convert a prospect into a buyer to a loyal customer. 

Imagine building a content universe interlinking all these content assets. 

Let people binge-watch your content, your ROI will increase manifold. 

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  • Nathaniel Malcolm

    Marvel's marketing is on another level !! Please bring back Iron Man and Thanos !! Endgame is one of my favourite movies !!

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    Binge watching is cool during weekends.

  • Michelle Chesters

    Some characters are cursed with knowledge. Both Thanos, and Tony gave up their daughters to see their destinies come to fruition.

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  • Josh Hopkins

    The Marvel three-phase arch was epic and unforgettable.

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