John Eades Leadership Expert

John is the CEO of LearnLoft, author of, F.M.L. Standing Out & Being a Leader and host of the 'Follow My Lead' Podcast. He writes or has been featured on, LinkedIn Pulse,,, CNBC Money, and more. John completed his education at the University of Maryland College. 


5 Habits You Need to Shake to be a Better Leader

Conventional wisdom about leadership holds that great leaders are born and not made. It turns out that isn't true. Some research done by Leadership Quarterly showed that 26 percent of a leader is born or DNA and 74 percent is learned or developed.


Jack Welch Just Shared The Most Important Attribute of Leadership

There are many successful CEOs we can learn from. Take Truett Cathy building Chick-fil-A, Howard Schultz scaling Starbucks, Bill McDermott taking SAP to the Cloud, and Jeff Bezos changing the world with Amazon. All of these leaders are incredible, but none of them surpass what Jack Welch did at GE. During his tenure, Welch was able to increase GE's company value by 4,000 percent. You could make an argument that this impact was one of the greatest achievements in the history of CEOs.


The 1 Reason Most People Never Become Leaders

There are thousands of professionals all across the world who call themselves a leader in their respective business. The reality is, the vast majority of these people are a leader in title only. Sure, people report to them, and they have some authority over others because of seniority or prior performance, but they aren't a leader to anyone on their team.


5 Leadership Lessons You Need to Know

Everybody loves a top 50 list. It could be dog breeds, the best cities to live in, highest rated CEO's or in this case the Top Companies to work for in 2018. I love LinkedIn's annual list of the Top Companies in the US to Work For in 2018 because it's based on actual actions of over 146 million US Professionals.


7 Choices the Best Leaders Make in Order to Be Successful

Traditional corporate leadership approaches adopted by many organizations over the last 50 years use a top down hierarchical approach, where managers are ultimate authority figures over their people. While the tide has gradually shifted towards a more modern approach of servant leadership, unfortunately we still have a long way to go.

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