Manoj Barve Business Expert

Manoj is the Head of BVMW - The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. He is also the Director of Kontakt India, which provides a variety of India-Entry and Scale-up support services to German Mittelstand companies allowing them to focus on their core activities. During his career, he has worked in different industries including pharmaceutical, offshore and engineering across multicultural teams in Europe, Middle East, India, Asia-Pacific and the USA. Manoj holds a Bachelor degree in Economics, Finance and Commerce from the M.L. Dahanukar College as well as prestigious accounting certifications from all around the world. 


Only the Paranoid Survive

The above is the title of a book by the visionary businessman, and founder and former CEO of Intel – Andy Grove.


Enter the Dragon: China Acquiring German SMEs

In August 2018, in a first of its kind of action, the German government blocked the Chinese takeover of German toolmaker Leifeld Metal Spinning AG through Yantai Taihai Group. It has been a watershed moment in the recent German industrial history - in a country which believes in free economy with minimal government interference. Since the introduction of investment auditing in Germany in 2004, no investment had been prohibited. But that was about to change.


Weaving the Web: 30 years of World Wide Web

“How did I survive before the advent of the World Wide Web?”  - many of us, not-so-young, will ask today? Google Doodle woke us up today with the information that World Wide Web has turned 30.  


Connecting the German SMEs and Indian Professionals

After I wrote an article on the Severe Shortage of Skilled Labour in Germany a few months ago, we conducted a survey of young Indian professionals and German SMEs (Mittelstand companies). The study - conducted together with ProRecognition of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), and titled “Openness and Attractiveness of German SMEs for Indian Professionals” gave enormous insights for both - Mittelstand companies as well as Indian professionals and students in Germany aspiring to be the future industry leaders. Though interviewed professionals were primarily from India – the results are equally representative for foreign professionals in general.