Abhishek Prasad Tech Expert

Abhishek Prasad is the Director, Head of Digital Transformation at Aexonic Technologies. He has been a Management Consultant, with the first-hand experience of how technology can drive business change. Worked with Big Four accounting firm, he is experienced in advanced analytics and reporting within the professional services, Life Science, Utilities, and banking industries. Abhishek has consulted with multiple fortune 100 companies and startups, so understands the challenges faced by large enterprises and how technology can help them gain competitive advantage. He has been an SAP consultant and led multiple business transformation projects across the globe.


Blockchain and Distributed Ledger: Reinventing the Supply Chain

The supply chain sector is worth billions of dollars. With new technologies – blockchain and distributed ledger making their way in the tech field, the supply chain industry promises to be worth a lot more.


DOKChain : Healthcare-Enabled Implementation of the Blockchain

The blockchain technology is revising the way every sector works and is paving the path for new ideas to revolutionize every business.


How Can Blockchain Benefit Different Industries?

“Blockchain has the potential to leapfrog technology advancements in emerging markets, in both the public and private sectors. CIOs of end users can use this research to evaluate, plan for and adopt blockchain wherever it has the potential to support business, economic and social objectives.” - Gartner


How Blockchain & the Internet of Things Co-Exist

Blockchain and the internet of things (IoT) are two domains in the technology world that have stood out in 2019. While blockchain is unfolding a million of new opportunities by being associated with other technology or business sector, IoT is making news as well. With billions of smart devices making its way to the world, the spread of IoT is beyond imagination and so is the need of security for these devices.


Machine Learning: A Beginners Guide and Why is it Important for your Business

Over the last decade, machine learning has become one of the primary elements for businesses and our lives. We have an immense flow of data which multiplies indefinitely every second, giving us tons of information to work with. This gives us a good reason to believe that smart data analysis will become the next big tool in giving a hand to technological progress.