Psychology Hacks to Increase your Creativity and Productivity

Who are you and what you are? What are your habits? All these little and big things depends on our mental state. Some habits simply lift our spirit while some pull us down.


When White is not the Color of your Parachute

Once upon a time, people kept a job for 40 years and then retired with a defined benefit pension. They worked for corporations or rode up the promotion and tenure ladder at universities.


Digital Marketing for a Luxury Brand

There was a time when traditional marketing such as print and radio were considered the best way to connect with your audience at large! However, with the rise of digital marketing, things have changed drastically. Now for engagement, brands find digital marketing channels more quick and effective. With digital marketing, your brand has a much better shot at a strong presence online and thus, increases the chances of customers returning back. 


Step by Step Guide to Determine the Cost of a Mobile App

Estimating the project costs for a mobile app is not that straightforward. Especially, when you’re the CEO and not the developer. A Mobile App is built on a number of key factors that influence its development time period and consequently, costs. These factors are determined by the following questions:


14 Ways to Kick Stress Out of Your Life

When was the last time your heartbeat was racing, palms were sweating, and your body language became clumsy all of a sudden?

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