Boosting the Shopping Experience

Estimates hold that more data will be produced in 2018 than in all years previously. Much of that is consumer-focused—what we buy, how we buy it and why we buy it, among other information.


4 Best Practices for Cyber Security Prevention

What is cyber security? How does it affect businesses? A security breach is a threat to any user or business. Are you aware of how security is breached? There can be many reasons for a security breach, ranging from phishing and snooping to hacking and more.


Learning to Learn

We are born to learn, so how do we learn to learn? Learning begins even before we are born. Learning to learn in order to take advantage of our new cyber-assisted world isn’t really learning to learn but learning new skills that I call cognitive enabling skills.


Why We Have Too Few Millennial Leaders

Life is made up of many choices. We make massive choices like where we go to college, who we marry, where we live, what profession we pursue, or what kind of parent we are. We make small choices like what we eat, what car we drive, how we respond to an event, or what show we pick out on Netflix.  


How US Multinationals Shifting Income to Foreign Countries Reduces Measured GDP

US corporations work their accounting system so that sales and profits turn up in non-U.S. jurisdictions (for example, here' s a description of the Double Irish Dutch Sandwich technique). One implication is that corporations pay lower US and overall taxes; another is that because of this shifting, measured US GDP is smaller than it would otherwise be. 

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