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6 years

Oil Should be Denominated in Bitcoin

As Henry Harianto rode his ubiquitous scooter up to one of the many makeshift gas stations in Bali to fill it up with petrol from a re-purposed Absolut Vodka bottle, he grumbled about how the price of gasoline has been steadily increasing over the past year and that it’s been eating into his living expenses. Harianto is not alone. In the archipelago of 168 million people, the fall in the Indonesian rupiah (the local currency) has been progressively making oil — the feed stock gasoline and other petroleum products much more expensive. With the rupiah having taken a battering over the past year. in late October, Indonesia, in an effort to stem the tide of foreign exchange outflows asked suppliers of diesel and crude to stop charging in dollars and offered them a variety of other options such as the rupiah, Chinese yuan, euro, Japanese yen or the Saudi riyal. And while Jakarta is hopeful that as many suppliers as possible will opt for the rupiah to relieve downward pressure on its embattled currency, such hopes are wishful at best.

6 years

Mylobot Showcases the Evolution of Modern Malware

The recently discovered Mylobot aggregates 9 sophisticated features, highlighting how advanced malware is evolving. Stealth capabilities make it difficult for security tools to detect and protection aspects preserve its functionality over time.  

6 years

Buckle in: Cryptocurrencies Could Take Ten Years to Prove Themselves

Amidst the popping of Cristal and the revving of Lambos, the “get-rich-quick” ethos of the early, heady days of the cryptocurrency revolution are well and truly behind us. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I was there in the thick of things, on the yachts, sipping MUMM (they ran out of Cristal), watching the newly minted crypto-rich rev their Lambos (there were Ferraris too), watching them talk of buying properties and living lives of carefree excess.

6 years

Technology Transformation for 2019

Digital technology continues to connect and enrich the lives of people all over the globe and is transforming the tools of everyday life, but there are risks accompanying the tremendous benefits. Entire markets are committed and reliant on digital tools. The entertainment, communications, socialization, and many others sectors are heavily intertwined with digital services and devices that society is readily consuming and embracing. More importantly, the normal downstream model for information has transformed into a bi-directional channel as individuals now represent a vast source of data, both in content as well as telemetry. These and many other factors align to accelerate our adoption and mold our expectations of how technology can make a better world.

6 years

3 Challenges that are Holding Back Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is set to transform people’s lives, but there are some specific barriers that are hindering the technology’s progress towards reaching mainstream adoption.

6 years

Are you Afraid about Artifcial Intelligence's Future? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) looks bright. But as scientists strive to make AI systems smarter and more autonomous, there are serious concerns over the possibility of AI and robots taking over humanity.

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