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5 months

Prime-Age Males Not in the Labor Force: Some Patterns

Being "in the labor force," in the economics jargon, refers either to having a job or being unemployed and looking for work.

5 months

China's Belt and Road Initiative Collides with Pandemic Realities

One of China's signature economic and foreign policy initiatives in the last few years has been the Belt and Road Initiative.

5 months

Recessions and Energy Efficiency

At least to me, it's not immediately obvious how a recession might affect energy efficiency--which can be defined as the amount of energy needed to produce a given amount of output.

5 months

Expensive Markets Are More Dangerous Than You Think

According to JP Morgan, equity markets have not been this expensive so early into an economic recovery phase in the last twenty years.

5 months

Why Some of the Shift to Telecommuting Will Stick

It seems to me that the tone of the discussion surrounding the pandemic-induced shift telecommuting has been changing.

5 months

Is It Time to Rethink Federal Budget Deficits?

Jason Furman and Lawrence Summers are prominent Democratic-leaning academic economists, but not among those whose names have been put forward for prominent economic policy positions in a Biden administration--which leaves them free to be a little iconoclastic.

6 months

Cancelling Plans for a Robo-Apocalyse?

We know from historical experience that it's common to hear prophesies about how new automation technologies will wipe out jobs.