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4 months

Some Economics of Black America

The McKinsey Global Institute has published “The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be” (June 2021). Near the beginning, the report points out:

4 months

Commodities, Supply-Chains and Structural Changes in Demand

·        Talk of a new commodity super-cycle may be premature ·        Once GDP growth returns to trend, commodity demand will moderate ·        Fiscal and monetary relief are key to maintaining growth and demand ·        Structural changes in energy demand will prove more persistent

4 months

Interview: Amartya Sen on a Bicycle

Christina Pazzanese interviews 87 year-old Amartya Sen (Nobel '98) for the Harvard Gazette (June 3, 2021), wich an amphasis on the long arc of his life and career (‘I’ve never done work that I was not interested in. That is a very good reason to go on.' June 3, 2021).

4 months

From Pandemic to Digitalization to Productivity?

We know that the pandemic caused people and firms to make much more widespread use of digital technologies: working from home, ordering on-line, tele-medicine, education from K-12  to college delivered on-line, and so on.

4 months

The G-7’s Reckless Commitment To Mounting Debt

Historically, meetings of the largest economies in the world have been essential to reach essential agreements that would incentivise prosperity and growth.

4 months

The Social Nature of Government Actions

Economics famously begins with an idea of individuals pursuing their own interests, and then discusses both the positive and negative dynamics that can emerge.

5 months

How to Improve College Completion Rates: The Time Commitment Problem

The US higher education system does an OK job of enrolling US high school students.