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24 days

Interview with Melissa Dell: Persistence Across History

Tyler Cowen inteviews Melissa Dell, the most recent winner of the Clark medal. Both audio and a transcript of the one-hour conversation are available. From the overview: 

25 days

The World Is Drowning In Debt

According to the IMF, global fiscal support in response to the crisis will be more than 9 trillion US dollars, approximately 12% of world GDP.

26 days

The Slow And Painful Path To Jobs Recovery

The United States recovered 4.8 million jobs in June, adding to May’s 2.5 million jobs rebound.

26 days

Deeper Crisis & Weaker Recovery

If we look at the recovery so far in the majority of economies it is quite less exciting than what many expected, so what we can certainly rule out is the concept of a V-shaped recovery.

26 days

Some Background about Police Shootings

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science devoted its January 2020 issue to a set of 14 articles on the theme of "Fatal Police Shootings: Patterns, Policy, and Prevention."

26 days

Lower Tax Rates or Less Tax Enforcement?

Let's compare two hypothetical tax cuts. In the first tax cut, we decide which groups will pay lower rates, and we may have a dispute over what share the tax cut should go to those with low incomes, or families with children, or as an incentive for job training or research and development or some other purpose.

28 days

The US Dollar in the Global Economy

The US dollar remains the preeminent global currency.