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25 days

When Local Governments Subsidize Firms: Some Guidelines

Certain cities and metropolitan areas have been lagging in economic growth for decades, while others have surged ahead.

29 days

How the US Start-Up Industry is Faltering

One of the long-term strengths of the US economy has been that it fostered the growth of new businesses.

1 month

How Will 2020 Affect the Property Market in 2021?

While the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the property market in Australia, there are already some pretty good signs that things are beginning to ease.

1 month

Where Federal Debt is Headed and Staying Off the Interest Payments Treadmill

By now, it's old news to anyone paying attention that the federal debt, based on current law, is on a trajectory to rise in an unsustainable way over the next few decades.

1 month

Fundamentals Do Matter

One of the most repeated sentences in the financial media is: “do not fight central banks”, making the argument that you have to be invested in equities and especially in the most cyclical part because central banks increase money supply and support risky assets.

1 month

An Overview of Emergency COVID-19 Lending from the Fed

The Federal Reserve, like central banks everywhere, view providing financial liquidity during a crisis (being the "lender of last resort") as one of their core functions.

1 month

Every Day is a Bad Day, Say a Rising Share of Americans

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) is a standardized phone survey about health-related behaviors, carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).