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20 days

When the Time Price of Leisure Rises: The Linder Theorem

In the United States, we naturally celebrate the Labor Day holiday with a holiday from work.

25 days

For the US and Global Economy, What Pathways to Reduce Government Debt?

It’s well-known (although it’s not clear anyone wants to do anything about it) that US budget deficits and government debt took a big jump during the Great Recession from 2007-9, then another big jump during the pandemic recession, and are projected to rise steadily in the middle-term as an aging US population leads to higher government spending on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. But it’s not just the United States. Especially after the pandemic, government debts around the world are high. The question is, based on past experience, what steps have some plausibility for reducing these debts.

26 days

Is the US Economy Seeing an Upsurge of New Firms?

There has been a growing concern about the stagnation of start-up firms within the US economy.

28 days

Interview with James Gwartney: Personal Choices and Public Choice

Gwartney's interview highlights how external factors, personal interests, and the people one encounters shape our life's trajectory and outcomes.

28 days

Innovative Retirement Savings Solutions for the Gig Economy

A staggering 14 million American workers report being part of the gig economy.

1 month

Will AI Make a Planned Economy Feasible? The Socialist Calculation Debate Revisited

The “socialist calculation debate” happened in the 1920s and 1930s.

1 month

Auden on Civilization: “The Degree of Diversity Attained and the Degree of Unity Retained”

W.H. Auden once proposed that the extent of civilization could be judged by a dual standard: both “the the degree of diversity attained and the degree of unity retained.” I don’t fully agree, but at least to me, the idea captures something important.

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