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29 days

IMF Studies Prove Its Board Recommendations Are Wrong

The latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) global economic outlook has just been published and, like all of them, it has many interesting aspects.

1 month

Are US Fertility Rates Starting to Decline?

In the big-picture long-run sense, US fertility rates haven’t changed much in recent decades.

1 month

The Current Puzzle of Labor Markets

There’s a puzzle in US labor markets, as well as in labor markets in a number of other countries.

1 month

Interview with Daniel Kahneman: Noise and Decision-Making

There are some situations where you would hope or expect that experts in a certain area, when faced with the same fact pattern, would make similar decisions: for example, if several doctors separately examine the same patient, or several judges consider an appropriate sentence for the same convicted criminal, or several insurance underwriters consider the appropriate insurance premium for a certain commercial client.

1 month

Some Economics of the Black Death

“In October 1347 ships arrived in the Sicilian port of Messina carrying Genoese merchants from the Crimean Port of Kaffa.

1 month

Interview with Lawrence Summers: Inflation and the Economy

It’s not common. But every now and then, a prominent economist will make a strong near-term prediction that flies in the face of both mainstream wisdom and their known political loyalties.

1 month

How Does an Economics Major Cause Higher Incomes?

It’s well-known that those who major in economics earn more, on average, than those who major in other social sciences or in the humanities.

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