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4 years

Guns don't Murder People, People Do!

For years, I have hidden behind our fair Canadian gun laws, watching mass and individual shootings taking place in America and shaking my head wondering how a civilized society, in our day and age, could simply kneel and pray every time some horrific slaughter takes place.

4 years

How LinkedIn Can Help Introverts Network Better

LinkedIn is currently running a campaign - #ThisIsSuccess – that explores the changing definition of success in today’s workplace. What is success? How do you judge if you are successful? And how has the definition of success changed over the years?

4 years

Intelligence – A Problem?

After 115 years, intelligence, as measured by an IQ test is still largely misunderstood by the vast majority of the population. Firstly, the concept of intelligence, as measured by an IQ test, is interpreted by most as being a measure of how intelligent (smart) a person is.

4 years

Why I Value My Blue Collar Start

When I was in college and learning about mass communications, journalism and advertising for some reason I always craved summer and winter jobs where I could use my hands. I spent several summers and Christmas breaks working in various warehouses, my favorite being a window and door factory. I learned so much there and met some truly interesting people that I respected and did two full summer and Christmas breaks with that crew.

4 years

Advertising is Having a Confidence Crisis. Here's How to Fix it

The advertising industry is having a confidence crisis. Last month Keith Weed, the CMO at Unilever threatened to pull budget from digital platforms like Facebook and Google. As well as commercial reasons there was a moral underpinning to his message. “Unilever will not invest in platforms or environments that do not protect our children or which create division in society, and promote anger or hate.”

4 years

Commercialism, Learning, Unlearning, and Empty

Joseph Callender introduced me to Kenya Hars’s concept of KU or emptiness in a comment. How is emptiness related to Learning? The relationship to consumerism is obvious, but where does learning come in?

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