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4 months

Clever Managers Always Set Clear Expectations

Successful leadership is a matter of many discussions—however, there are #LeadershipFacts that stay inarguable. Here’s one: “The best leaders set the pace by their expectations and examples”.

5 months

Should Corporate Communications Officers Act as Spokespeople in the Media?

This question came up in conversation with one of my clients recently. Where do you stand?

5 months

4 Quick Ways to Fight Stress & Anxiety at Work

Is work anxiety leaving you stressed? Anxiety at work and stress are inter-related. Opening your own venture, your first job (even if you have a job that you love), your new leadership role, and anything can cause anxiety. At times you may experience panic attacks marked by a sudden rush of intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak. 

5 months

Seven Ways to Identify Fake News

The discussion about policing fake news misses one important point. Sure, people shouldn’t publish rubbish and pass it off as news. The sender has a responsibility to ensure what they publish is correct. In the case of the widely-publicised Russian troll farms, the sooner they are shut down the better.

5 months

Get Your Mind Right

Success in absolutely anything you do is determined by your mindset. Period. If you believe you can accomplish something, wrap your head around what it will look like to achieve it, imagine what it will feel like when you achieve it, and keep that objective with all of the research, feelings, and focus in tow, you will achieve it...wildly. Unfortunately, we live in an age where people simply don't want to do the work, devote the time, or expend the energy it takes to develop the mindset needed to achieve. Instead, we'd rather post the post and appear like we've already conquered the goal when, in reality, we question our ability to actually achieve it.

5 months

The Case For Co-Chairs

Earlier this week I attended a conference for current and aspiring non-executive directors (NED). After an opening session which argued that a NED should be a sceptical friend rather than a critical one, there was a panel discussion on diversity. I am afraid to say that it was rather predictable focusing on the explicit, outward signs of diversity and rather ignored other more subtle, but no less important aspects.

5 months

UFOs & the Great Convergence

Even while admitting that one can read almost anything into Nostradamus’ verse, the New York Times once wrote a story suggesting “certain lines are said to have predicted Napoleon’s rise, Hitler’s fall, Hiroshima, the arrival of the Kennedy brothers, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and September 11, among hundreds of other events.”