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Deus ex Machina: AI as a Techno-God: Summoning Laplace's Demon

Will artificial intelligence (AI) disrupt our human world, the way we live, the work we do and even our future?

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Instagram Marketing Hacks for Non Profit Organizations

Are you a nonprofit struggling on how to have success on Instagram?

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Content Marketing: How To Make Your Content More Shareable

The power of content marketing lies in building a future audience and generating revenue.

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Extricate Yourself From Complexity Traps

Complexity confounds us. Debilitates us. It is frustrating.

14 days

Paradigm Shift in Learning

Thomas Kuhn (1962) introduced the concept of a paradigm shift as a way to describe how a prevailing understanding in science is replaced with a new understanding in light of overwhelming evidence that the explanations currently being used to understand the world are no longer adequate.

15 days

Misbehaving in Restaurants: It Isn’t Stopping There — Not by a Long Shot

There is a growing public outcry about the way patrons are currently treating waitstaff.