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15 days

36% Of Employees Say No Recognition Is Top Reason To Quit

Leaders play a major role here - fat paychecks and fancy labels are temporary, if your manager does not appreciate you well, you might do nothing.

16 days

Will the Key People of Influence Please Stand up?

Who are the real people of influence in the society and marketplace?

17 days

Always Be Okay

To some degree we've all been handed the "sad box," had to pack up our belongings, and do the walk out the door for the last time.

17 days

The Word “Trauma” is Traumatic for Some Folks: So Shall We Replace It?

So, I have a new book with the word “trauma” in the title (released June 2020 from Teachers College Press).

20 days

Tapping into the Latest Craze Behind ‘Pandemic Pilates’ with Hilary Curwen

As work, family, and social life seem to now rely on Zoom calls to connect, it’s no surprise that physical wellbeing and fitness have shifted toward digital classes and personal training as well.

20 days

Covid, Online Learning, and Learning to Think

I have written literally hundreds of articles about the need for teaching people higher-order thinking skills, what they are, and how that can be done.