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Why You Can't Fake Your Feelings

I was once asked by the Senior Vice President of Human Resources to work with a leader whose micro-management was limiting her team’s effectiveness. 

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The Best Locks for Your Safety Needs

The security of our home is an essential consideration, especially when it comes to upgrading or replacing the locks on our windows or doors.

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Singapore PR Application: What Documents Are Needed?

Singapore is brimming with attractions that tourists will love.

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Pamper Your Loved Ones With These 6 Amazing Chocolate Gifting Ideas

There is a general wave of popularity around the world for chocolate and it is seen in kids and adults alike.

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Oscar Winner Whoopi Goldberg Makes her “Stand”

Long time co-host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg, has been married three times but suggests that trying to snag a millionaire as a husband is “too much work.”

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What You Need to Prepare in Your Garden This Spring

Spring is, for many gardeners, the best time of the year.