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24 days

Using Children’s Favorite Book Covers to Make Puzzles: Yes Indeed

I recently read a post in about the value of puzzles for children who are struggling, including with trauma. Puzzles are amazing: they can be a shared activity (with or without conversation), they can enable concentration (remember looking for that double flat edged corner?), they produce a deliverable — an image, they develop fine motor skills, they enhance visual acuity, and they enable a sense of accomplishment with each linking piece found. And one can select puzzles with images that have meaning — places visited, favorite animals, fantasy scenes with dragons or unicorns.

2 months

The Science Behind Success Is Teamwork

Teamwork might seem like an indistinct or vague concept to many, but there is no doubt that there are real benefits for companies and individuals when they all get along. Over the past year, you’ve probably noticed that I have been talking a lot more about the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

2 months

Blue Hair: It Has New Meaning

I think many of us have had negative associations with the term “blue hair.” We think of older women with white hair except their hair looks unintentionally blueish. It has an odd blue tint. I always thought that was the aftermath of a certain hair dye on white hair. We often speak negatively about all the “blue hairs” at a particular event as if to message that everyone in attendance is old. I used to go to symphony years ago and remark at all the white-blue Q-Tips that occupied the rows in front of me. A sea of Q-Tips. It made me feel classical music was on the way out.

2 months

The Secret To Becoming A Better Manager Is Out!

No one said management was going to be easy. Whether you are a newly promoted manager or an experienced one, being in that position of authority is going to make you feel like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. 

2 months

Masterful Management! Here's What It Takes

When I describe management as masterful, I am simply referring to a bold and successful management approach during which managers, aka masterful managers, behave in a way that shows that they are in ultimate control of a whole situation and are capable of coaching or telling teams what to do. 

2 months

Why Not Right Size Colleges? Businesses Do It All the Time

There have been recent articles about the merger (some say closure) of Marlboro College in VT with Emerson College in Boston. Basically, Marlboro is giving its campus and endowment to Emerson in return for faculty preservation (Marlboro faculty who want to move to teach at Emerson) and a center with its name at Emerson. Many folks in VT are upset and see this as the “end” of Marlboro; they are not wrong in many senses. They have been reflecting on and suggesting other approaches.