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23 days

How to Support a Cause

When I look around I find many individuals and enterprises embarking on numerous initiatives aligned to specific causes – Causes related to improved education, affordable healthcare, better employee ability, betterment of animal welfare, eradication of poverty, affordable energy, a green earth, better policies, administration, governance, job creation and equitable wealth distribution.

24 days

Do You Want To Become A Great Manager? Stop Micromanaging Your Team

It takes a lot of expertise and skill to be a good manager. But that’s just the beginning.

24 days

Alternative Measures To Change Your Lifestyle For The Better

Sometimes we just need to be able to move forward with our lives.

26 days

How to Do a Background Check Before Hiring

There are several reasons that a background check will be needed during the employment process.

26 days

Want to Last Longer in Bed? Here's How

Many men experience performance anxiety before engaging in sex.

27 days

We Use Aphorisms in Times of Trouble: Time for Caution

When we struggle and can’t find the perfect words to express our feelings, we oft-times turn to well worn aphorisms (defined generally as short statements of a general truth or statements that provide insight or quality advice).