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18 days

Backed Up to Kingdom Come, and Liking It

You receive alerts all the time urging you to install software updates for the equipment and software that you use.

19 days

How To Be Sure Your Female Babysitter Is Not Harming Your Child

Leaving your child in someone else’s care is not the easiest of experiences for any parent.

20 days

Work-life Balance, Integration, and Harmony is the Issue of Our Era

Organizations everywhere proudly proclaim that their people are their most important assets.

21 days

Work Out or Bag Out

There's no denying that you often face demanding, high pressure tasks, but that's no excuse for lack of exercise.

22 days

Behind Every Successful Daughter is a Proud and Encouraging Father

I have been the youngest spoiled brat of the Doshi family. Head strong, confident, multi-tasker, leader, and empathetic are all the qualities I have imbibed from my father.