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4 years

What Does Non-Mastery Mean?

When we measure learning, we can measure it in two fundamental ways. Is the learner able to recall/demonstrate understanding/synthesize/critically evaluate – whatever – to a pre-set standard before the learning is finished (mastery), or is the learning graded (as in a gradient) and declared finished? The question I am asking is, if we don’t expect mastery in learning, what do we get?

4 years

Jim Rohn's 5 Secret to Lead a More Satisfying Life

While there are various entrepreneurs who inspire the world to keep calm and continue kicking ass in business and in life, but there is someone in particular that I am crazy about. He is Jim Rohn. If you don’t know Jim, then you certainly should. He has made a profound impact on the personal development world. Rohn’s wisdom led him to the path of success.

4 years

Is Civility Partisan?

I recently was accused of being "liberal." In the past, I have been accused of being a "consumer advocate." I have been accused of being "partisan." I understand those accusations in some contexts and as was stated in the movie, American President, I am proud to express views that support the lives of those less fortunate and ask, why don't you?. You can call me and label me what you want. Ironically, since I have lived for years in VT, some have tried "snowflake;" that's a compliment in my view. But, that proverbial but.... What matters to me in the current moment, frankly, is the context in which I was just slammed online because, at least with respect to a recent online comment and another two I wrote just prior, political affiliation and my "label" within our society are totally irrelevant. Totally irrelevant.

4 years

The Little Secrets to Add More Hours to Your Day

Time is free. But it’s priceless. You can’t own it. But you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it.

4 years

Leadership Lessons you will learn at any Indian Wedding

Picture it! Streams of colour, delicious smells, a flurry of different cultural and religious based activities, song, dance, partying, eating, drinking, praying, tears, fears and emotions.

4 years

Get Along With These 4 Ways to Create Your Success Story

Happy are those people who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make those dreams come true. - Leo Joseph Suenens

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