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5 years

Science of Learning: The Motivation of an Audience

An audience has always been a part of any writing. In the past, an audience was an abstract entity or a “work of fiction” (Ong, 1975, p. 9) that was imagined by the writer. This imagined entity determined the form of writing, the voice the writer takes and the genre of the writing.

5 years

How to Train Yourself to Work Smarter to be Ultra-Productive

“Work Smarter”― Sounds good. But what do you actually do to work smarter? One of the things I love about ProofHub is giving significance to working smarter not harder and getting away from spending hours working as productive as they can be. I am always surprised how a smarter way of working gets more work done. Something that might require overtime can be easily done in a couple of hours.

5 years

Children and Thinking

Whenever I write about higher order thinking skills, I get bombarded with claims of success in teaching these skills to young children. Even a small amount of knowledge about brain development and higher order thinking skills must lead to the logical conclusion that this just isn’t happening.

5 years

It's Okay to Leave Work on Time as Often as We Can

You have a life to live too! You get paid to run your life, but it’s definitely not your life after all. Driving by my office building at around 8 p.m, I see people still sitting at their desks, stretching on their hours, and struggling with their to-do lists. Do they really have too much to do at work or they sit at their desks in the guilt of leaving office on time? Do not get me wrong.

5 years

Trust No One in Business

One of the tenets I teach to top EAs in my classes is to trust no one in business. I've literally watched business etiquette erode for the past 26 years as a top Executive Assistant and 32 total years working for the man. Business deals used to be sealed with a handshake and the offering of one's word as collateral. Now, people actually have a strategy of saying one thing to pull you in, then switching it up last minute to shake more coins from your pockets, knowing that you've already dismissed their competitors and are solely beholden to them. That's the new norm. And personally, I find it disgusting and classless.

5 years

How Technology is Impacting Communications Plans: Learnings from the Warc Media Awards

There is no doubt that technology is changing the world of communications. And hundreds of blogs and opinion pieces will tell you about the latest trends and what we are going to see in the future. But they can often be theoretical; talk of what might happen is often very different from what actually happens.

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