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4 years

The Simplest Questions Can Be the Hardest for a Startup

Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer, yet they remain. Their answers can be the most insightful.

4 years

The Future of Work

We live in uncertain times with facts, figures, rumors, and research all coming at us at a speed that belies our ability to take it in.

4 years

Let's be Honest about the Fintech Hype

While I may make myself unpopular, I feel the need to declare that I am sick and tired of the hype and untruths that are repeatedly spun into myths about the world of fintechs and how they are leading us into a glorious new future.

4 years

The Next Generation is Being Named: Try Generation T instead of Gen Alpha or Beta

There have been a series of articles, including one in the Atlantic, suggesting that a new generation is on the horizon.

4 years

Multi-Award-Winning Songwriter Boldly Kicks Off New LP with Brave Song about her Own Sexual Assault

Singer/songwriter Natalie Jean calls for more compassion in her new LP “Where Do We Go From Here?” which dropped on Valentine’s Day.

4 years
5 years

Grind, Attitude & Gratitude

Last year has been a very interesting year. Not everything has gone to my plan, but everything has definitely gone to the universe's plan for me.

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